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    Default Free Turkey Ringtones

    Don't know if you all have tried this before but here is a way to get turkey ringtones for free.....

    Record yourself using your favorite turkey call whether slate, diaprahm, or box using your voice memo. Once finished recording, choose "set as ringtone" option. This works using a Blackberry and should work using other brands of phones too....

    plus it also allows you to record yourself and listen to the playback to get better!
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    That should work because that is how I got the theme song for Lee and Tiffany "Life is good Life is Fine" for my ringtone. I just recorded the TV when it came on and then saved the file. Then set the file as the ringtone.

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    I just bluetoothed my turkey ringtone sounds like a big ol'eastern bird hammering after the hen yelpen.was in the yard the other day worken an phone rang an a bird hammered rite behind the house.

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