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    Default 243 - 308 - 7mm08 and h&r handi rifles

    Of the 243, 7mm08, and 308 can you tell me pros and cons of these three.

    Wanting to buy a single shot h&R handi rifle

    What you think about the handi rifles and what should one expect to pay? I wish I could find a good used one for sale...

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    Default Handi Rifle

    I think they are great guns, I have one in 30-30 and it shoots great. Go to and scroll down, there is an entire forum on for the Handi Rifles and Pardner Shotguns. Of what I have read, the 243 will not shoot as accurate at the other two out of the box. There is a thread (FAQ IIRC) at the Graybeard site that has lots and lots info. Check it out, there's a few days worth of reading there. I myself would not hesitate to purchase another Handi, and would really like one in 270. Great guns for the money and you can get 2 or 3 for the same money as a bolt action.

    Read your thread again, new they go for $225-$250, used you should be able to find from $150 and up. I saw one in 44mag a few weeks ago for $200 that I gave great consideration to, being that I already have a 44mag revolver and ammo. There is a classifieds section at Graybeards also, keep an eye there, they come up from time to time. If you find a handi but in a different caliber, you can always have another barrel fit to the frame.

    Scott7m-Why do you think they are not quality? Just because you don't have to sell your first born to afford one, doesn't mean they aren't quality. They are a well built basic single shot rifle at a good price.
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    I don't know much about the rifles but get the 7MM-08. The 7-08 is a very versital round.

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    I wouldn't hate on the Handi-Rifles. Dang fine shooters from my experience. Bought a .243 youth model for my son and I ended up swiping it several days. Most fun I have had shooting in years. Just a blast. Accurate as heck right out of the box. I have several rifles that would be considered "quality pieces." I'm looking to pick up a HR for myself. They stack up with anything I shoot. I was a skeptic. Now I'm a believer. And in this economy, best bargain going IMO.

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    Default Handi-Rifles

    I've got one in 25-06 with a 308 barrel also and i wouldn't trade it for nothin. My neice has killed two with it this year. it certainly is a tack driver without a doubt.

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    I've seen both good and bad shooting handi rifles, with most of them shooting very good for their price. IMO the quality is too spotty, and chance of getting a bad 1 is just too high.

    As to the 3 cartridges, the 7mm08 is the BEST deer cartridge ever designed. It's 1 of the rare cartridges that perform WAY above what could be expected of it based on design/powder case capacity. It's capable of extreme accuracy while being very mild in recoil department. I started my kids, grandkids, and others out on deer with this cartridge, and NONE of them ever complained of it's recoil being uncomfortable-even at age of 10. I built my babygirl an 7mm08 on Remington action a few years ago,she's now almost 16 and it's already made several clean 1 shot kills-with the farthest being 431 yards on an 12 pointer. I like it so much am going to build myself 1 (except on a-bolt action) to replace my aging Browning a-bolt in .284.

    The .243 is just too light IMO in case you EVER think about elk, while the .308 is simply more than is needed for deer. The 7mm08 is the perfect compermize in size.

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    They're good rifles, plenty of bang for the buck. My two cents: Get the 308, put a decent scope on it, and shoot the ever-loving snot out of it. Not many things on this continent that couldn't be hunted and killed with a 308 handi rifle.

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    Sounds like a good rifle at a bargain price to me.

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    I no longer own a handy rifle but the one I had was chambered in 30-30 and was a good solid rifle that would not have any problems hunting with.

    Of the calibers you listed 308 and 7mm-08 would be the ones I would narrow down to. Either are fine rounds, I have at least one bolt action of both calibers and right now my favorite is the 7mm-08. Its a mild recoiling, flat shooting round that can carry more weight than a 243. The ONLY draw back I see with the 7mm-08 is that if you buy factory ammo it is a little harder to find and a little more expensive than 308. So if cost is an issue go with 308.

    Just my two cents.

    I expect that the 243 crowd will jump in next.

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    I would get the 308 for simple fact of ammo availablity. It is also a good all around cartridge. yotes to elk.
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