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Thread: How to dig out a spring?

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    Default How to dig out a spring?

    Other than a dozer...does anyone have any suggestions about how to dig out a spring to get maximum flow and catch it for wildlife.

    Theres a small spring that didnt go dry even in the summer drought but I know unless I dig it out I wont know its potential.

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    I would guess you are seeing its natural max flow. I would try build a retetion basin below what you already have flowing. We took 500' of 4" black plastic pipe from a natural spring and routed water to a pond we had built.
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    we got our water from a spring my whole life till we got city water 2 years ago. lots of folks around here did and do the same. on one spring here we just built a rock basin the size we wanted, and coated over it with mortar. one other one naturally flowed downhill into a larger branch, and we just set a livestock tank in line with it. the water flowed off a ledge, filled the tank, and overflowed to go on it's natural course.

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