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    Default plans for shooting house

    I need some direction on building an elevated shooting blind for my dad. I need it to be enclosed and elevated. Dad has arthritis and isnt real big about getting too high off the ground. If anyone has any tips or ideas or can direct me to a web site with plans I'd appreciate it

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    Can't give you any plans, we just build them but a useful tip, is when you get it built, put carpet on the floor and sides, it dramatically reduces noise and we have found is a very good and cheap insulation and retains alot of scent when you fire up that heater..we have killed 4 deer the past 5 years out of one of our so called "tree huts" that have scored over 140..
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    Just remember that a sheet is 4x8 and make your frame...keep it square and set the back legs 6" deeper in the ground for your run off/slope on roof...make sure you do not cut your windows out until you know what seat your going to do not need much of a hole to shoot out of...carpet is your best noise damp. material and will spend about 200 bucks to make a good one if everything is treated and include everything....they are not bad just on the ground we have luck with both....if you can find some old metal that works great also....just make sure you follow the directions above about windows/cut outs

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    Default Elevated Deer Blind

    Hope this helps free plans for your very own elevated shooting box!

    I have taken several deer from "THE BOX"!

    I suggest shooting ports on front and right / left sides.

    Good luck and Good Hunting!
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    Very informative...I printed them out for a project next summer to put on my little neck of the woods.

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    Lightbulb My idea

    I use a ground blind on a 64" square platform 8' high. It is 2x4 framed with 3/4 flooring. two 4x4 legs with ladder built in the bracing. it is chained/boomed to two trees and is simple to set up or move location for 2 people.
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