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    Default Wind

    I whole heartedly agree with hunting the wind. But at what velocity do you give more consideration to when selecting your spot for a hunt? Does a three to five mph wind drive you from your prime location? OR is it more 8 and up?

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    My observation on my farm has been that when it is real windy I find more deer lower and further back in the holler. Seems like they are getting out of the wind some what. Right now I have a stand in some oaks out there. The deer wern't hitting it hard yet. I bet if the wind is blowing hard they will be there today.

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    I exclusively hunt in the woods. My entire farm is woods. 20 acres. Would not be the best scenario to clear. The front (western end of the property has a 2 acre field but that is the only access i have to the property). The wind still blows in the woods, just not as much in the open. Jut no sure how much is too much.

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