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    blue side tha' mountain...


    its a search engine....actually dogpile is a better one....and you're welcome.
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    Have they started building the Cabelas in Louisville yet ?

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    My buddy said the Wheeling store was much bigger but to me the Charleston store was big. I was impressed. All of the sales were today. The "celebrities" we're supposed to be there today but I have 0 desire to see them.

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    Just walked out the door ,they impressed me very much. The store is about half the size of the others ive been in and still twice the size and selection of bass pro. Thank god ive got someone close besides mom and poppa gouger now.
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    Cabelas in L'ville is scheduled to open in March. I've been to the one in Wheeling several times because I have family in Pittsburgh. It is where I bought my crossbow. It is awesome. They have a deer cave where there are replica mounts of some of the worlds biggest whitetails. There is also a fake camp site with a little man who tells hunting stories. I spent 3 hours in there one time and didn't see everything. Cabela's is my favorite outdoor store. I wanted to get rich and bring one to Lexington but one's coming to L'ville anyway.

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