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Thread: Stupid wind!!!

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    I received about 3/4 inch of sorely needed rain here just outside of London within the last hour.Still raining some as well.Also some very high winds.I was watching the golf course fairway out my dining room window and watched the wind rip about a 10 ft. long limb out of a big tree in the fairway.Also another one about 8 or 9 feet long came tumbling across the fairway from somewhere in the vicinity.A neighbor living a few hundred yards from me drove by and said he has lost a tree and a flag pole.This was probably the strongest wind I have seen in almost 8 years of living here as the bad stuff generally goes 7 or 8 miles farther north.
    Bradford pears arent worth planting.Celeveland Select is supposed to be a better choice.There were 2 Bradfords here when I bought the house.Now there are none as the first blew down on the house before I got moved in after a tornado went through close by.The second was lost 2 or 3 years ago when the top blew out of it and I went ahead and took the rest of it down.I also lost a maple to wind a year or so ago.
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