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    Default Rabbit hunting in the rain Uploads/20111127153804.jpg

    We went out in the rain for the first time ever and let me tell you that I will not pass on another rainy day of rabbit hunting had 8 real good races my son shot 3 and missed 2. Turned out to be a good day of running.

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    There is no bad day to listen to them hounds on a hot bunny trail just some days can be better than others. We are needing the temps to drop off a little more for those all day hunts when it's hitting 60 degrees by 1130 or so It's hard to stay at it all day in my opinion.

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    Sounds like a good time. I personally always like hunting rabbits when it raining my dogs seem to do better.

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    I really like/enjoy hunting for anything when it's gently raining. You can move through the woods almost silently. Some of my best days afieid were in the rain.
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    i always liked hunting in the rain it got the rabbits out of the holes and the dogs could smell better
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