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Thread: Obama and his Vacation time, compared to other Presidents

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    Cool Obama and his Vacation time, compared to other Presidents

    The numbers may shock a lot of you.

    Here is a quote from the above link.

    But Obama's vacation time doesn't even compare to past presidents'. According to CBS News, by the third year of their terms, President Reagan had taken 112 days of vacation and President Bush had taken 180. Meanwhile, in the third year of his term, President Obama has taken only 61 days of vacation. Just like any other human being, Obama needs a break from the stress of his job and everyday life. Critics should realize that Obama’s vacation time is significantly less than previous presidents’, and be satisfied with that, rather than criticizing him for taking a bit of time off.

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    i wish he would take a bunch of time off. The rest of his term would be a great start.
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    I'm guessing you just thought this thread would be cool. Cool

    If not you may want to check your sources and see if Bush's vacation days included weekends. That is all.


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