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    Default How much is a bale of tobacco worth?

    Was driving westbound on the BG Parkway this morning and came across a full bale of tobacco lying in the middle of the right lane. I didn't stop, but got to wondering about the value. Anybody know?
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    10 years ago, depending on grade, about $175, now, about $75 if you have inside connections...

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    Sad thing is eventually he will have to sale it for that, or go hungry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azgen Kin View Post
    Alot of people grew tobacco this year without contracts.Tobacco companies have a huge stockpile of import foreign tobacco.One of my neighbors is sitting on 400,000 pounds because the local markets in the Bluegrass region are only offering between .30 to .75 cents a pound.It usually is over $2.00 per pound.
    The bale isn't worth much this year........

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    depends on the weight. we sold a load the other day and it brought $1.62 - $1.88 a pound. our bales ranged for 70-95 lbs
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    My tobacco this year averaged $1.78 / lb. I had the small bales. Only people getting $.75/lb that I know of were ones that had off-color (getting harder to please the grader) or sunburn or dirty, etc. Now, I can't speak for the free market as we were on contract with PM. I still have roughly 800# of tobacco to sell on the free market as soon as I can, but not sure when that will be.

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    It wasn't a bale of tobacco but I was going out Cleveland road in Fayette county one day on my way to work and there were half a dozen mexicans in a truck in front of me with 4 or 5 100 lb hogs in the back of the truck. Who says that hogs can't jump cuz one tried to sprout wings going about 55. The mexicans chased a 2 legged hog around for about 5 minutes and then took off. I waited until they left and helped myself to some pork. Apparently a broke legged hog can out run mexicans but not a 22.

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    You should have picked the bale up and held on to it. The way things are going with smoking, not much longer and it would've been worth a lot more sold in quarter ounce baggies.
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