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  1. Ratspit
    Mean Green Killing Mexican Bean
  2. Ratspit
  3. jeremy loper
    jeremy loper deerturkey14
    Good evening, could I get that phone number of the taxidermist youbuse?
    1. deerturkey14
      Sorry I'm just getting back to you. His name is danny morris 502-935-8228
      Jun 1, 2018
  4. charlette curtis
    charlette curtis
    I now live in kentucky if anyone is interested I can help you get started tracking wounded big game 585-322-3391
  5. inchr48
    inchr48 Monster01
    I used Kentucky buglesnstruts for my elk hunt. They are State Troopers out of Hazard, and have a Facebook page for contacting them.
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    2. Monster01
      Ill check them out
      May 17, 2018
  6. Big Jo
    Big Jo JAWS
    Congratulations JAWS! I’ve put in for 20 years & nothing. Anyway, if you’re lucky enough to take a Trophy Elk I’d like for you to take a serious look at our work. Our Big Game mounts R some of the Best in the World. Ck my Facebook page. John Griffith Taxidermy in Stearns Ky &
  7. Big Jo
    Big Jo woodfordjared
    Hey Spike, A Big Congratulations! I still havent been drawn. Anyway, if you take a Trophy Elk ck me out to mount it for you. Ck me out on facebook as John Griffith Taxidermist in Stearns, KY or We have some of the Best Big Game mounts in the World. Ifyou have any questions just send them to me. My cell is 606-310-6335. Hope that you get a Monster. John Griffith
  8. GreatWhiteHunter1
    GreatWhiteHunter1 Bonehead33
    Hi Bonehead33,

    I heard good feedback about your elk guiding skills on this forum. I'm located in Lexington and got drawn for the first time ever this week for 2018 season (cow, archery). Would love to find out some details from you regarding your rates & availability. Feel free to get back to me or send me an email:

    Thanks in advance,
  9. charlette curtis
    charlette curtis buckfever
    Wounded big game tracker I am now living here in kentucky I wanted to let the hunting community know for this coming hunting season.
    1. charlette curtis
      charlette curtis
      Fyi I am located in hebron area need help finding locations to help train my puppy I don't think the community. I live in would like me training here
      May 17, 2018
  10. Lonnie miller
    Lonnie miller
    My avatar is a pic of it
  11. Lonnie miller
    Lonnie miller
    I found a flying bug with bat like wings a tail that curls up with a stinger tail and almost like a grass hopper head any ideas on what it
  12. Joseph
    Joseph Smokin9mm
    I don't know if you ever got my number but it's 859 327 7469 Are you hunting from a stand/blind or other type of setup?
    1. Smokin9mm
      Yes sir I got it. I hunt out of a climber for now. You?
      May 8, 2018
  13. Mudbone
    Mudbone Capttrae
    Yes sir, could possibly be interested in the lease opening. The county location will dictate whether i'd need more information. Thank you in advance. Harold
  14. sgb01
    sgb01 bakwoodshunter112
    Heres my info. You can either email me at or my phone number is 2703164540. I live in Philpot but I work in Owensboro.
  15. Brutus Hedgeapple
    Brutus Hedgeapple pentail
    PT, I saw your post on FB but I’m in a 30 day timeout, again. I can look but not post. Anyway, I have a couple right wing feather choppers you can borrow anytime. It’s kind of a pain with turkey feathers that haven’t been processed on a feather grinder but not impossible.
    Let me know.
    1. pentail
      thank ya, sir. I know nothing about the process, so info like that is good. What are you in timeout for this time? lol
      Apr 20, 2018
    2. Brutus Hedgeapple
      Brutus Hedgeapple
      FB says I posted a pic with nudity. If they would’ve looked harder they woulda seen the girl in fact had bloomers
      Look on youtube for a video of how to “strip “ turkey feathers. I’ve cut them with my chopper but had several failures till I figgered it out.
      Holler if you want to barrow them.
      Apr 20, 2018
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