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  1. Labrador
    Labrador muddhunter
    I drove 10 hours back to Kentucky to hunt Fort Knox with my brother this weekend. The unit we usually hunt is not open. Can you point us to one where we'll see deer? 16-22, 52, 54-59, 79-85, 90, 100, 103, 112, 113 (full), 114-117.
    1. muddhunter
      I can only speak to 117 and 103. Good numbers on both. 103 has more hills and is more open with oaks in abundance. 117 is flatter with more dense vegetation. I think 112 is Yano. You can expect it will be full very soon if not already. Good luck to you all. Hope you shoot a biggen
      Dec 7, 2018 at 2:28 PM
  2. racsr
    racsr ManofManyStangs
    Hey bud. Wife has a cow tag. I been down sick this year so no scouting She is at large you all have any suggestions on where we may find her one. She has the RH voucher land but we never been there at all. Thanks. Rick
  3. Duster
    Duster pentail
    Can you run a check for me ? I posted about the Weatherby Vanguard for sale and am getting all kinds of stupid request. I think most are coming from Allen Cross. Several stupid request from BGBowhunter, JBlack and I just have a feeling they are one in the same as KBHforLife Allen Cross. Pretty sure BGBowhunter is him because he ask a question about the Stoeger shotgun I had up only he would know about.
    1. pentail
      He isn't. None of them are.
      Dec 4, 2018
  4. pondbuster
    pondbuster Lady Hunter
    I ran across your wine thread, What's the recipe?
    1. Lady Hunter
      Lady Hunter
      I'll have to look it up. Been a while since we started a batch...
      Dec 1, 2018
  5. Tradguy
    Tradguy bigbonner
    Saw your post about tiring to lease. Where are you located? I am looking for some land. Don't know if I can afford it but would be interested in details. If you want to talk give me a call 7407019504 Thank Rick
  6. beauhunter41031
    I take big bites of life and eat the bones
  7. Bullfries
    I put the phone # on your page. Good bloodlines, I took the first pup from the litter. Contact megan at 8592879363.
  8. kyscentlok
    kyscentlok Bullfries
    Hello sir
    Hunting blood line
    Any contact information
    Thanks again
  9. Bullfries
    Bullfries kyscentlok
    8592879363. Text is probably easier. Just tell them Eric told you about the pups.
  10. Whitetail Nut
    Whitetail Nut KYBOY
    I would love to see photos of big East Ky Whitetails that you have collected.
  11. Bubbles
    Bubbles Munson
    How soon could I look at atv
    1. Munson
      About any time except Thanksgiving day. How far are you from Campton?
      Nov 20, 2018
  12. 1wildcat1
    1wildcat1 TedB
    Hi Ted. I have a blue diamond spot with a bull archery tag. Could you please help me out with some info, as I see you hunted it before? Thanks.
  13. VonRang
    VonRang Capttrae
    You are the only poster on this forum with reliable information that I have seen so far.
  14. VonRang
    VonRang Capttrae
    I'm trying to get information on where to go to hunt pigs in southern Kentucky. This character count limit is killing me
  15. VonRang
    Things are more like they are right now than they ever were before!