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I got first place, best strutting, and best of show at the grand national Taxidermy championship
I just finished up my dads biggest deer. I couldn't be happier being able to share that special day with him, and making memories that last forever.
Anybody know what this is. It started coming up a week or so ago here in the front yard. I know it's some type mushroom I just don' know what kind. rps20180223_165655_367.jpg rps20180223_165724_685.jpg
Hello All.

I’m a newbie to the forum. To be honest I did not know this place existed. Long story (aren’t they all) hopefully short my neighbor Dave and I had some interesting shots on our trail cam recently. We are in Bourbon County off 57 near the Montgomery line. Basically we each own about 40 acres and the neighbor in between us owns closer to 60. In exchange for some helps around her place, she lets the 2 of us hunt her lot. We have trail cams setup around the various trails through all 3 of properties. I admitt, we don’t check em like we should. Once rifle season is over we almost never do. Dave decided to check em this passed weekend. The photo we had is linked (im no good with computers. Hope that worked). I called F&W and they said they get these calls every once in awhile and look into em when they can. I put the search to google and couldn’t find much on big cats in Kentucky. Can anyone confirm if this is the KY wildcat or a cougar. Dave swears by the tail it’s a cougar (or puma or painter. He calls them a different name every time). I’m no expert on the different cat species. Never had any around here before. Anyways the google search brought up this forum. I see there are a few threads on here. Any help would be great.


big cat (2).png

I was driving along I-65 South Sunday afternoon. About 3-4 miles north of the first BG exit, I saw a yote trotting down the fence line on the state side of the fence. I immediately hit my brakes, and went to the emergency lane. I grabbed my pistol and started to jump out. Then I questioned what I was doing, and just sat and watched the dog continue trotting along... Had I jumped out, moved off the emergency lane into the grass, and fired, would I have been breaking the law?

Both in season last fall, compound bow, Rage® broadhead and empty freezer.
OMG... they turned out AMAZING!!! We'll be making another batch in a few weeks!!!!

Used our little old grinder since it was just going to be a small batch. HUGE mistake! It took FOREVER... Next time, we'll haul out the big boy for sure...
Found this one the back side of my farm. This tree is probably 14-16 inches across and the bark is gone over 6 ft high. I am in Pendleton county. It doesn't look like a rub, more like it was chewed on.
Here's a pic of the haul from last weekend's annual coyote hunt. 9 coyotes were taken plus a bobcat. The attendance was down this year but those that made the trip had a great time.

End of season barn pic
Venison ham. 'Bout 20 lbs or so. Brine injected, hickory smoked...
thinking about taking a boat here this spring. anyone ever turkey hunted here?
As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get the breech plug unclogged on my new CVA optima. So I took my smallest drill bit and drilled it out. It may have been a tiny bit larger than the original orifice, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. Any thoughts?
Homemade chicken noodle soup. The boy said he loves carrots, so I made sure that there was plenty in there. I'm sure the 2 gallons of soup was well under $5.
We cut down a maple tree 2 years ago in my back yard that was dying. At that time it was producing oysters so decided to save 2 foot sections on the edge of the woods behind my house. The logs have produced 6 flushes of oysters since then. Picked this bunch yesterday before the freezing temps. Sorry my pic won't load.
Fresh one. Typical 12 from Letcher Co.
When I bought my senior license today at Walmart today, was told new prices don’t go into effect until March 1st. May apply to all license.
This is the largest hog I've shot and was able to recover in Henry county.

I'm 5'11 and weighed about 230 lbs in these pics. This hog was not weighed but I believe it to be about 325 lbs on the hoof.
DSC00020.JPG DSC00006.JPG
I think I have posted this video before, but since the hogs in Henry county have been discussed here lately, I thought I would post again.

Just in case any of you would like to join. tmp_3158-SPhotoEditor-20180130_0658311936686688.jpg
Does anyone know where I can purchase a permit to hunt on Penn Virginia (formally Reynolds) old strip mine land in Eastern Henderson County, KY?

I bought a permit at a barber shop in Henderson about 7 years ago.

They need to tell biologist that everybody on ky hunting has seen a dozen or so.
I am always interested in the reasons we hunt. Some are after meat ,others anything with antlers etc. The question I want to pose is “What is a trophy to you?”
I am a licensed Kentucky Fur Processor (buyer). If any of yall have some fur put up that you'd like to sell, reply here or shoot me a PM. My daughter makes hats, bags, etc out of them. She runs her own trapline, but we only get so many every year ourselves.

Let me what you have, know how you have it put up, and what you'd like for it. Doesn't have to be perfect fur, but hopefully you still put it up correctly. No carcasses unless you're real close and they're real cheap, lol.
Photos from the trapline
I’m looking at a used CVA Optima Pro for $175. Any pro’s and con’s of this model? Does this sound like a decent deal? My current inline muzzleloader has a messed up breech plug and while my face might not be so pretty, I kinda like having the right side of it. Thanks.

Got this picture and video of Smokey this morning on a solo squirrel hunt.
this morning i looked out behind the house and there was a coyote out in the back field so i grabbed my rifle and went upstairs. he was out in the field mouseing and not coming any closer and i could hold on him steady so i ranged him at 460 yards. when the gun went off he never moved.
Im looking to buy one, any suggestions?
After killing a few hog I just got off the phone with a Biologist for Henry County. We will be meeting next week to see about trap placement and getting these things off our land. They have ran the deer out this season.
I have a question regarding a gun safe: is a Liberty safe from Cabelas worth the several hundred dollars more in expense over a Cannon safe from Tractor Supply? Thanks in advance for the help!
It has begun!
These guys have been creating some really good videos. Here’s one about bear hunting with Plotts in Appalachia that I enjoyed.

I don’t believe a body could ever get tired of hearing a pack of hounds balling the jack. It gets in your blood.

I wanted to give a quick shout out to a group of young men that I stumbled upon by accident while on YouTube recently. I'm sure they won't mind the recognition. The group from BackYard Outdoors. I went to high school with a few of the members and had no idea they had started this venture until today. Based in Eastern Ky, they have some great vids posted and seem to be well sponsored. No high fence or outfitter hunting for these guys either which is a rarity in the hunting industry today. Keep up the good work boys! Let me know if you need some hunting spots up here in Central Ohio.
The ladies in my yardsale group on facebook blocked me for asking so figured I'd take my issues here :rolleyes:

I have a major blood/gut spill in the backseat of my boyfriends car and he is out of town, I'm in Florida and there hasn't been a kind freeze to knock the smell from Sunday. Tossed the floormats, tried natures miracle, nothing. We both have equal stake in the vehicle.

Do I:

1. Roll it into a swamp
2. Burn the carpets
3. Pray Florida swallows it via sinkhole, hurricane, or any of the terrible things that happen here
4. (Insert your idea here)
5. Break up with him, toss a coon in there, blame the coon, leave the scene o_O
Who brews what, beer, wine, cider, mead?

Post your pics and recipes.

Male in a flat set

Female in remake from yesterday’s free ride. She’s a looker.
8B78FE63-26F4-40CE-8069-152B30B741C4.jpeg Killed near Lebanon with bow has been officially scored and is #1 in ky and #12 overall bow kill
Does anyone know of a place that I can have a J Unertl scope repaired. From what I can find out, J Unertl has gone out of business.
just wanted to reflect some memories here. I grew up as a teenager learning to hunt squirrel, rabbit, coon, and an occasional grouse hunt with my cousin. Never had been deer hunting or turkey hunting until mid 90's. After all my dad has taught me and given me everything he could. I have to say I taught him the basics of deer and turkey hunting and now we have a ball!! We both agree turkey hunting is our fav!! Don't get me wrong. We love to hunt deer too, but turkey hunting as a pair is satisfying. And morel hunting is a fav as well. Last few years we've found about all the mushrooms we can handle. I'm just happy to be able to enjoy the outdoors with my dad. He's 71 and it's still a hunting buddy and getting a great senger. He's s passion is coon hunting but turkey is his 2nd fav is deer then turkey. I have a 9 yr old son that killed his first squirrel, deer, and turkey by my side and his papaws. 2018 I hope instores his first buck.
I can never see myself dropping $6K on a deer rifle. However, I ran into these Steyr-Mannlicher Youtubes a while back, and found them very stirring. I thought I'd share them with y'all.

ADCCC28E-07AA-440E-881A-67738249F92C.jpeg 3F103F3B-0AE0-4C0C-9AE3-07F1F72AB58C.jpeg
I was my dads earlier. We was talking he said what’s that on the wall. I looked and said that would be a bat. Haha. If he wouldn’t been on the mortar never seen him. Guess it’s better than being outside. Just left him for the time being. Till I figure out what to do with him. Any ideas?
Sis took this picture on the south end of Lake Malone a few minutes ago. Looks like old Baldy done found dinner. Working over a little white duck she said she fed all summer.

Bald eagle & Goose.jpg
If you haven’t read this yet, I would highly recommend it.

It is important for hunters to police themselves and call these guys out. When high profile figures behave in these ways, it makes us all look bad. I heard one person say that hunting is like his religion and guys like this are taking a leak in the baptismal fountain.

My favorite part in the article talks about the regulations in Wyoming and how it is sad that such basic axioms on hunting ethics have to be printed, such as if you make a mistake, own up to it. These celebrity hunters often have never been held to account and the only way they may feel remorse is if they have a hit to their finances through lost sponsorships.
My son got a drone for Christmas and immediately got it stuck way up in a pine tree next to some power lines. He was real sad and was sure he'd lost it forever. Well, after determining it could be done safely I went out to the "arrow bucket", rigged up some redneck blunts and went to work with a light recurve. We got it!

I have been looking for the right piece land for over a year. I am considering purchasing a property, 133 ac, in west central ky for hunting, habitat improvement for deer and turkey and very likely relocating to live on in the next 6-8 years. It has what I am looking for, some tillable acres for planting/orchards, thick cover, water, good access points, electric on property, road frontage, etc...
My only hangup is the mineral rights lease is in the middle of a 5 year term with 2 1/2 years to go per the current owner. No drilling or exploration was done during the first 2 1/2 years. The land has not been touched by the oil & gas company so far. The owner is a timber company and it was select cut about 5 years ago. The current owner is willing to let the mineral rights go with the sale of the property. A few folks have said they would not be worried about future drilling and if they haven't drilled it by now chances are small on future drilling, I'm not that naive.
So my concern is I would hate getting a property just the way I want it with sweat equity and money or worse, building a house/cabin then a drilling rig show up to drill. I feel like I would have little if any say about their operation. I know every company is different and I have been educating myself prior to pulling the buy trigger.

Who has experience on working with mineral drilling companies and what should I expect?

Do they work with landowners or do they say this is where we are drilling and placing the holding tank and that's it, regardless of where or what you have done to improve a property or plan to do in the future? I know they have to/should/suppose to/repair surface damage.

What effect may it have on the wildlife use and movement?

Thanks in advance. D
01F31561-37AE-4359-8C96-CF5664D1BF42.jpeg So I went up in my woods today to do some work on one of my trails, and to work on a little campsite for my kids and grandkids to use. This bird followed me around about 10 feet away the entire time I was up there until I started my chainsaw. After that I didn’t see it again. Does anybody know what kind of bird this is?
Good run this morning. Dog in a remake. Cat on a hollow log set.
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