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Driving home tonight I saw a Buck who had at least 8” back tines Anyone seen one that size this time of year?
Shawn Whitehead didn't disappoint.
Stumbled onto an old canner a few summers ago at an estate sale. They'd dropped the prices at the end of the day & it came home with me for a whopping $4.
My niece and her new husband bought 200 acres of high desert down by Del Rio , Texas a couple mile north of the river. In the process of building a hunting camp. He had me laughing yesterday telling me about his trail camera's. In a two week time frame he got 2 pictures of Cougars, some sheep pictures and handful of Whitetail and a few Mule Deer pictures. Those along with 3 Mexicans is all he got. Seems the Mexicans thought that 28 x 12 pre built cabin they towed down from home in Sugarland suited them just fine and they moved in. The area is so remote no cell service so he had to drive 50 miles to contact police to remove them and their belongings. He said he bet they were back within a few hours of them headed back home.
If you read the Kentucky dept of fish and wildlife resources Kentucky Hunting & Trapping Guide you will see that airguns are listed as legal weapons ,but for some reason they are not listed here on this forum under the Hunting weapons section . They have sections for
Archery Equipment ,
Crossbow Forum,
Traditional Archery,
Muzzleloaders and
Modern Firearms. but no airguns . How about adding a air gun section .
Here is a link to a live video feed from Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park in Alaska.
You can watch brown bears feed on salmon. Pretty cool. I have been watching this for several years. I'm not sure when the salmon run is but when they are running its pretty busy.
I don't want to post too much--if I get on your nerves please tell me--but I thought many of you ( particularly parents) would enjoy this short one.
So I decided to test the "Plantnet" identification App for phones. The idea is you take a picture of a flower, leaf, or stem and it brings up what is hopefully the right plant from it's database.
I have had it ID some surprising stuff, and also strike out on some surprising stuff. I went out in the yard and the woods and gave it a whirl:
Went bear hunting and fishing in Ontario last week . Had a good time and my friend and I both got bears.
A brief look at Nodding Trillium, a fairly rare spring flower. ( at least around here)

Got my house up and painted. Need to put a rail on the stairs, and get the plexi-glass windows installed. Very pleased with the results[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
We headed out for Snapper fishing again and added to the freezer. Hit a storm out at sea that ate up some of out fishing time but still had a blast.
Had a visitor in he back yard this evening. He came last week and tore my feeder down.
Kids wanted pancakes. I fried up some bacon to go with it. Thought man I can’t waste that bacon grease. So went got a couple eggs straight from the hen house. Oh yeah........
Made a run out to the farm this afternoon and swapped cards. Which this is one of our salt licks right off our clover plot.
Nominees sought for seat on Fish and Wildlife Commission
Posted: Jun 12, 2018 12:56 AM EDT Updated: Jun 12, 2018 12:56 AM EDT

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - A meeting is planned this month to choose nominees for a seat on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission.

A statement from the agency says the meeting to choose candidates for the Eight District representative will be held June 25 at the Morehead Conference Center.

Residents in the district who for the past two years have purchased a Kentucky hunting or fishing license or have hunted or fished in Kentucky, but were not required to purchase a license, may participate in the process.

The Eight District is made up of Bath, Bourbon, Boyd, Carter, Elliott, Fleming, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, Menifee, Montgomery, Morgan, Nicholas, Rowan and Wolfe counties.

The names of up to five nominees will be submitted to Gov. Matt Bevin, who will make the appointment.

Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
Ran across these critters on lake Malone. I told her will not be long until there are no fish left in the lake.
My oldest and my niece. 54
Like a new Reconyx in July and one of the year end big prizes.. Save and enter your good ones at the Trophy Rock website.
The Pistola Con Caricato Revolver: Weird Gun Tuesday

A break-action weapon, the Pistola con Caricato features three barrels, complimented by a very high capacity 18-shot cylinder, which is reloaded via two-piece moon clip-type loading devices. They sandwich the 18 rounds between a holding plate and a firing access plate, through which the firing pins strike the cartridges.
The weapon has five operational settings, and the selector allows the shooter to choose which firing pin and barrel would be used to fire the gun. It also has the option to fire from all three barrels at once with one pull of the trigger. It also features a mechanical safety that prevents the hammer from hitting any of the firing pins.

The Con Caricato had four firing settings and a safety controlled via selector switch on the left of the revolver’s frame. Each setting controlled one of the three barrels, the fourth setting reserved for those instances where a user would say “to hell with it” and fire all three barrels simultaneously. Enormous, two-piece moonclips facilitated faster reloads, assuming the user preferred keeping their revolver set to triple-fire.

It uses the low-powered, semi-rimmed 6.35×16mm caliber round, which is traditional for light pocket guns.
The .25 ACP is a traditional favorite for pocket guns, and particularly for inexpensive “Saturday-night Specials,” since its pressures are low enough to pose little risk to even the weakest metal.
It’s considered the lowest-powered standard cartridge still in manufacture,...
Friend of mine gave me this little flat horn few years back for some deer I brought him..finally got around to putting some scrim on it. This side is done...going to be a map on other side.
My grandparents purchase some property on a little lake in Baghdad ky roughly 35 years ago with a very large family I have thousands of memories of us enjoying this wonderful place
Yeah this is probable supposed to go in the camping section but I wanted to get the most input as possible.
I've decided to get back into tent camping without roughing it.
What gear do you guys find is easy to buy online? Where do you shop to get the best deal?

I'm a big fan of BAM Outdoors, especially with their membership I can get gear WAY cheaper than other places!
What is this?
I'm in Lexington and wondering if anyone knows a good place to do some bullfroging. I've done some in eastern ky but don' live there anymore.
Watch the video and then go to our website and get started to send your Pastor on a retreat.
Flipping thru channels a couple days ago I ran across a couple doing a Elk hunt out west. Gal is up first and has a mature 5x6 bull at 320 yards across a valley. Put a shot right behind the shoulder for a double lung hit and guide says hit him again. No need to as Elk started to stumble and go down. Before she could even rack in another round it was down for the count. What amaze me was she was shooting a 25-06 with a 110 grain bullet. Even at that range it still had enough going for it to take down a large animal such as that Elk. I know the 25-06 will jerk the rug out from under a normal size whitetail but never gave it thought on bigger game animals. 25 caliber is just not that big a hunk of lead to send downrange on a Large Bull Elk IMO. I guess the old saying Speed Kill's holds true in this case.
Ive been in a regular cab GMC 4wd for about 10.5 years now. It was a good truck .. not much room or bells & whistles. But it served the purpose of a dependable ride and got me through those years of also buying my daughter a vehicle, college... and finally getting her married off last year.
Alright, so the little lady and my other two little ladies tried yaking and loved it. So, I'm on the hook to buy at least 3.
Again, skip the pricey crap.
its getting closer to that time and I enjoy seeing everyone’s progress on their fields and learning different ways to do it.
Saw this on da news. Anyone know the real deal on this. Looks like a big ole pet Tom cat to me.

Fish And Wildlife Investigating Potential Mountain Lion Sighting
Caught a few gills
On the one year anniversary of our 35lbs fish last Derby weekend we struck again. This year we caught this 40lb, 38inch beast on a noodle at rough river.
What's the earliest fawn y'all have seen? Found one Sunday in Cumberland county while cutting wood.

How many youuns have experienced this? I grew up scalding and scraping and cooking the liver on the fire on site. Good times!!
Spotted these guys just coming up. Things are behind this year; they were twice this size last year at the same time.

Who else likes breakfast for supper.
Laying in the road in front of my driveway. Kids enjoyed seeing him.
Anyone else been seeing Lightning bugs while out turkey hunting? My buddy hunted my place in Grayson County back around the 25th or 26th of April. He told me that he had seen lightning bugs on the ground and flying in the trees. I told him it was probably his meds and he was seeing stars from being light headed. Then I went down to my place really early yesterday and I will be danged if there weren't lightning bugs all over the woods well before light. Anyone else been seeing them? I never really paid much attention but don't recall ever having seen them before early summer.

Come out to support your public lands and get involved with a great organization.

See you there.
Anyone know of a reliable source of hunting leases? I have checked a few websites but they seem to be very limited in availability. Just wondering
Does a person have to have a Ky Hunting license to shoot on a Gun Range?
Steve Rinella and the rest of the meateater crew are doing a live podcast at several venues around the country including Columbus, Ohio on June 21st. The tickets are going fast if you are interested. The VIP tickets are already gone. Here is a link

If you are from NKY and want to carpool, let me know.
I notice in Kentucky a great deal of bowfishing is happening from county road bridges...Discharging a bow upon a public roadway is undoubtedly illegal, plus there are dead fish being left to rot on the bridge decks, and the bowfishermens cars are partially blocking the road....A total black eye for the tradition of bowfishing IMO, plus it's defacto hunting and or bowfishing on the lands of others without permission....What do you think?
23 lbs / 11” beard and 1” spurs. Being there beside him was one of the best moments in my 40+ years of hunting.
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