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This has been in the news for for past couple days. It just make me laugh at how rediculous peta has become. With all the drugs, hunger, death and general need going on, they wanna waste money on lobsters. Put that money to good use.

PETA Wants Roadside Memorial For Lobsters Killed In Crash
Looking for a processor near Burkesville or south of there. Any recommendations? Thanks
Heard there was a shake up in members. Anyone have details?
i was just wondering if anyone had been archery elk hunting out west with a guide service and if so any recommendations on a good one?
Fifteen years ago, I was working at the solder factory. There was a smell of a buyout in the air, and all my big projects had been canceled. I was bored. I'd been spending a lot of time here, having just joined the month before. I had been investigating starting my own weblog. I'd been doing a lot of writing. I had a current project, a monograph on Genesis 9 and its relation to Christianity.

I used to go driving at lunch. I'd take the truck up to Lebanon and take the long way along Turtle Creek. It's got a lot of old farms, and I would frequently see deer. This was one such day. I had a lot on my mind. My gut told me I needed to get my resume out, but changing jobs was the last thing I needed at that point.

For reasons too convoluted to mention, I was thinking as well about Jesus Christ. Specifically, I was thinking about how a fellow such as He would ever get the idea in his head to start His ministry. Here was a guy who had reached Thirty without making any big waves in life, and suddenly BANG! He's the Saviour. What was that like?

It then dawned on me that in asking that question in a sincere manner, I had started a ministry of my own. It hit me hard enough that I stopped the truck. Life would no longer be the same. There was no going back.

It took me a good long while to get the truck going again. This was the heaviest thought I'd had as an adult. Fifteen years later, it still resonates with me.

I grabbed lunch in Lebanon and drove back to work still pondering. By the time I got to the lot, I had decided that what I needed to do was look about me. If the Lord wanted me to do His work, He would have left enough signs around me for me to figure out what he wanted.

The results of this search were less than amazing, but then I guess God works like that sometimes. I came back to work and found my unfinished monograph on Genesis 9, on another screen were the instructions for starting a weblog. Another screen had an email from my boss telling me to hold...
Hello everyone. Just curious if there is any dove hunting outfitters in Central Kentucky 60 miles from Bardstown or so. Definitely willing to pay$.
Just read this and thought I'd share:

“after a long and fatiguing march, over a mountainous and pathless wilderness, arrived on the Red River. Here, from the top of an eminence, Boone and his companions first beheld a distant view of the beautiful lands of Kentucky. The plains and forests abounded with wild beasts of every kind; deer and elk were common; the buffalo were seen in herds and the plains covered with the richest verdure . . . this newly discovered Paradise of the West.” ---Henry Howe, describing Daniel Boone arriving in Kentucky
I'm a big podcast fan and I listen to a variety of podcasts. What some of your favorite hunting podcasts you listen to?

Some of my favorite hunting-themed ones are the MeatEater Podcast w/Steven Rinella, The Hunting Collective w/ Ben O'Brien, Solo Huntr w/ Tim Burnett, Nock-On w/ John Dudley, Hunt Health Harvest Podcast, Gritty Bowmen w/ Brian Call, and Beyond The Kill w/ Adam Janke

What are yours?
Here’s a good explanation of the Pittman-Robertson Act and how it figures into wildlife restoration and conservation. Hunting is conservation.

..There are a lot of ripe seeds and yellow plants out there, although some were still quite green.

Just got back from another great diy archery antelope hunt in Wyoming. The 4th year in a row i have went and had success. I had a great time hunting and camping on the prairie with friends. Drier than I’ve seen it out there. Temps were cooler than normal. 43 degrees for the low a few nights. While there it did rain one day. Got it with my Mathews and slicktrick broadheads. Here are some pics of this years trip.
241BD265-323E-42BB-BDAB-D5A6F7D2315E.jpeg 46EB589B-B126-4BFA-9171-9B0C6960F385.jpeg E9D34A76-BD97-49A3-8CD5-22ECA19B5192.jpeg

Old reliable windmill waterhole. Just about dried up

Friend from North Dakota busting some prairie dogs. We had a blast.

Natural waterhole. Getting bigger ever year.
289E8B16-A646-47D1-BA4C-E83E0C3818AF.jpeg 243968D0-9415-4078-9AE8-0B56ED34216B.jpeg

View from ridge above camp.

Camp off in the distance one evening.
After the trip to the sporting good store the other day looking for the grandson a rifle I have to
admit that my curiosity about this caliber has me interested .
went down to the farm today with my buddy and we put a front porch on the shack. we cussed laughed and joked all day.. Fella needs them days ever once in awhile.
I took this picture in a very remote area of Pendleton county yesterday.
Anybody ever go to South Dakota pheasant hunting? If so where do you go? Where do you stay? Any tips?
An excellent farm to be auctioned October 20 in lots. One lot in particular 54 acres. For hunting. Approximately 20 in woods. Cross Hardins Creek and build the cabin of your dreams. Contact May and Parman reality, Lebanon KY.
BF4A396C-AB89-4F65-A0B2-EF0F4272376F.jpeg Got my two alligator tags to fill when I get off. Going to try them around Abita Springs La. it’s been close to 12 years science I’ve been alligator hunting. Should be fun. These folks appetently do it like you see on Swamp People. Last time I went it was more of a spot and stalk type thing. We were on the Appalchicola River, saw one, eased up to him and hit him with a harpoon then foungjt him up and down that river. So this should be different.
Sorry but that should read Kentucky farm

I've been out there all day and I LOVE the place. 10 years ago I would have bought the whole thing myself but at my age with no kids or grandkids I'm going to pass. Thought I'd post it here so maybe another member might get a chance to bid on it.

A very good friend of mine told me about it, he's the auctioneer who's selling this deer heaven. It's 254 acres with a house in Wickliffe, KY, right on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers flyway. There are a ton of deer and turkeys out there as well as ducks and geese. Here's a video of it, the first 2/3 of it is the house and the rest is the land.

The auction is Aug 25 at 10 AM.

Shaking a tree might not be the best method, but we were having fun.

Ive got a room off my garage that’s bout 8x12 with 10ft ceilings. I’m wanting to make it basically my hunting room, bow shop, gun shop etc lol.
I’m looking for cost saving ideas to finish it in. I’m wanting wood of course and maybe some tin
I got a very late start this year at building a bow, actually didn’t think I would, Season is close now!
Who else is getting ready? Hopefully everyone will post some pics from beginning to end.
Heads up South Logan!! These were on our trail camera Saturday night. This was in the Dot area!!! Not my camera just posted on facebook local logan county bear.jpg
I am looking for some advice. Wanting to take my 15yo to South Dakota in Oct for a DIY mule deer bow hunt. We are going to the Belle Fourche area and plan on hunting walk in and BLM land. With the regulations on not bringing any spinal column or brain back into the state what are guys doing to get a deer back for mounting? I know skinning and capping the skull is logical but not so easily done in a best western parking lot. I have talked with a local processor and that doesn't deem like a good plan if you want to be budget friendly it was close to $350 per deer to process and have it ready for transport out of state. If I do figure out skinning and quartering without freaking out a bunch of people then I have leftover parts to deal with and somehow dispose of. Any good ideas would be appreciated
It was just a matter of time. This is the second one in the last few years that has shown up here.
AUGUST 3 2018 at 3:56 a.m.



this was taken on Sapp Farms on the North side of Carter Creek Rd!!!!

For the ones that live here local this picture was taken on the late Morris Bandy’s property!
They are up.
My little girl caught her first fish yesterday evening. She caught 5 small gills in about 5 minutes then fish #6 was a 15 3/4 in largemouth! She probably landed 30+ but we brought home 13 slab gills and of course she wouldn’t let that bass go.
This is the deer my daughter got on opening day of KY gun season!
Any nuts on the trees this year? I haven't been in the woods yet. Noticed a beech in the edge of my sisters yard has several nuts on it, but that doesn't mean the ones in the timber do.
Making you invisable to game as they advertise.

The new hunting and trapping guide has published on KDFWR's website:
can i use this hook for hanging my hunt, so i can skin it?
My son and I picked a few wild ones for the landowner. Anyone else find any?

I've got others on my camera, but these two are catching my eye. The first one is a holdover from last year.
After last year of only pond hunting and having little success I’ve been on the lookout all summer for a deal.
They are my favorite. I also like spoonbill but rarely ever get one.
I caught these in Rough River, limb lines with bluegills.
has anyone else ever seen a terrapin eating a copperhead?

Link is here and I am happy. Thanks.

Does anyone know when pdf 2018-2019 hunting guides will be online? I am interested in the quota hunts. Thanks.
Finally did it. Just closed on 91 wooded acres in Anderson county. Good hardwoods and no steep hills. It joins the family farm of 18 acres, so now I can walk out my back door and start hunting.
Now all I have to do is get rid of 91 acres of honeysuckle? Any suggestions that dont involve a dozer or deforesting equipment?
Yall ever wondered which kind of minerals deer prefer? Or what the difference is between each brand? We've got some interesting information here for you regarding minerals. When, how, and why deer use minerals. We're brand new to the YOUTUBE scene and just launching our first of weekly videos. Please like, share and subscribe, as we really need the hunting communities support. Look forward to seeing yall around
Thanks in advance, Strung Out Outdoors
I am a 47 y.o. male with a 35 year history of Rheumatoid Arthritis resulting in serious musculo-skeletal issues (mostly joints and spine)...but I have been into hunting practically all of my life, especially deer and turkey (cannot get drawn for elk...ughh)...

Both my physician and my wife's medical team seriously suggested some major gym we joined together...I have not done serious weight training since college, though for a number of years I actively played and coached tennis...

Anyhow, I am looking for suggestions on which exercises to focus on to also improve my physical condition for hunting (especially deer hunting) on public land (so not ATV use)...especially from any workout/physical fitness types...looking for a very effective but time (1 hour or so) limited routine...

Current routine is 15-20 minutes on a treadmill, 10 minutes on a stationary bike, followed by a variety of exercise machines working mostly individual muscles of upper body (e.g. bicep curls, tricep presses, lat pull downs, bench press, dum bell curls, deltoid sweeps), a few free weights, horizontal squats (since these do not seem to hurt my back) and calf raises/stretches...

Right now, I am focusing on light weights (mostly stretching muscles) like just the bench press bar in 3 sets of 10...because of my RA issues, I know to add weights real slow...
The Kentucky State YHEC Competition was (quietly) held this past weekend in Bardstown. And by "quietly" I mean that hardly anyone knew about it going on or knows what it is. Nelson County came out the victor this year with the 1st place team. This was our first year competing in 9 years and our kids had a blast even thought it got up to almost 100 degrees.

YHEC (Youth Hunter Education Challenge) is a co-sponsored program between 4H and the NRA. If you've taken the orange card test, it is like passing 1st grade and YHEC is the master's course in college. These youth study hard all year round to get the chance to compete with others who are dedicated to improving their knowledge, safety, and hunting skills.

YHED teaches the youth through staged "real world hunting simulations" to challenge them and make them better outdoors-persons. The areas they compete in are: 3D Archery, Trap/Sporting Clays, Black Powder, Riflery, Hunting Safety, Wildlife ID, Orienteering, and Knowledge (a written test).

If you have youth that are interested in becoming a better outdoors-person/hunter/etc I strongly suggest that they see if there is currently a program available in your county by contacting your local extension office. If you don't have one available get a hold of me (8S9-44S-SO92 * S=5) and I can put you in touch with someone to come out and do a demonstration for them.

37201583_573725939689858_214446896750526464_n.jpg 37190439_573725843023201_843769629791748096_n.jpg 37181339_573725196356599_7412688364018597888_n.jpg 37161006_573724966356622_4171836635232600064_n.jpg 37229541_573724686356650_5975402421977874432_n.jpg 37221200_573724599689992_4449934144150962176_n.jpg 37265108_573724429690009_2005481390560247808_n.jpg 37134797_573724386356680_2764071261842702336_n.jpg 37157306_573724159690036_4747088053594488832_n.jpg
Two of my best buds and I checked cams yesterday . Every man for himself; we all have our new target and it's the same buck. Good thing I live ten minutes down the road.
Ran by the farm and swapped cards on the one mineral lick just inside the woods from our clover patch... had 1845 pics for the last two weeks.
So, anybody have any thoughts on the bunch? I know there trying to start a chapter here in KY.
I often hunt with high top rubber hunting boots due to where I hunt. We often have to cross creeks and wade through mud being in bottomland near the river. In the rainy season we could reach our stands by boat, but that’s another story. If any rubber boot users are on here I am asking for recommendations. I want a soft Neoprene top, cool, yet not real expensive rubber boot. Anyone?
Tractor Supply has the Muck Edgewater on sale right now???
My little girl is 5 and I have had her shooting B.B. guns and a small bow. There is a hunter safety course close to us next month. Do you guys think she would be to young? I know she probably won’t be able to take everything in at this age but I think she will enjoy it.
I just received an email from LBL requesting input. Here’s a link to their new engagement platform.

See email below.

Dear Valued Stakeholder,

We are passionate about connecting people to the outdoors through outstanding and innovative recreation and environmental education opportunities at Land Between the Lakes. More than ever we believe sustainability is integral to this pursuit. That is why we are developing a Strategic Sustainability Plan to move us Forward to the Future with three goals in mind:

1) Develop a citizen-informed, sustainability-based vision that will guide our
recreation and environmental education programs for the next 10-15 years;
2) Develop sustainability strategies which will position us to be environmentally,
socially and economically supportable in the long term; and

3) Align our practices with broader initiatives that cultivate regional sustainability
through collaborative actions.

We need your participation to ensure that this plan reflects the diverse needs and preferences of our local communities, stakeholders, volunteers, partners, and visitors. Your participation is critical for us to understand the complex physical, ecological and social threads that link Land Between the Lakes to surrounding lands and communities.

We hope that you can take time out of your busy schedule to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas. We invite you to participate at your convenience from home by visiting our online engagement platform at, or by attending one of the public open houses listed below to talk directly with other...
post em up!! From starlings to moose and rats to rhinos. Let’s see those airgun kills!
Driving home tonight I saw a Buck who had at least 8” back tines Anyone seen one that size this time of year?
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