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Putting out feelers to see if anyone would be interested. 112 acres in prime Knott Co. Accommodations and all meals provided in a family owned property. No need to drive to the hunt as the land is right out the back door. Self guided, however very familiar with area. Mousie area.
20170301_085144.jpg 20170301_085144.jpg 20170301_085730.jpg January 2015 my wife and I took our first trip to Maui. As breathtaking as the beaches are, I was even more struck by the beautiful mountains and volcanoes. We spent the first few days exploring and came across a great little taco truck north of Lahaina. While we were waiting for our tacos, we noticed a brochure for Lopaka’s Hawaiian Adventures. Lopaka guided wild boar hunts. This wasn’t what piqued my interest. The hook was the hunting method, no guns or archery. The traditional island method utilizes only spears or knives.

Now I’m interested.

I called Lopaka and he was very personable. He was a native to Maui, had hunted this land his entire life, and clearly had a passion for his work. We set a date for our hunt and met at a strip mall parking lot that day at 5:30AM. Lopaka took us up to the mountains and we worked the dogs through some punishing terrain. Steep mountain sides and rocky ravines were no problem for the dogs; they are primarily pit bull mixes and are fantastic athletes. Each dog is fitted with a GPS collar and Lopaka keeps track of them with a hand held GPS location unit. After hunting for more than four hours, we called it a day. The dogs did get on a pig for a short time. They were on a trail on a ridge far above us, when rocks the size of bowling balls started rolling down toward us. Lopaka quickly moved us behind a tree to block any potential accidents. Not something you have to worry about when hunting whitetail in the Midwest!

Lopaka said the lack of rain made it more difficult for the dogs to get on pigs and said if I ever get back to Maui, we should try again. Not thinking I’d ever return, I resigned myself to the likelihood that my hog hunting experience in Hawaii had ended.

Thankfully, the story didn’t end there.

February 2017 and thanks to frequent flier miles and credit card points we have finagled another trip to Hawaii!

I reach out to Lopaka...
anybody see where kdfw killed that mt lion in bourbon co.? A 125lb male.
Has anyone seen more quail activity this year? The last couple of weekends while shed hunting I jumped couple of cubby of quail's. One had about 20 and the other had about 15. I hunted this property for 15 years and never seen a single quial till this year.
Haven't seen one of these in a while. I was going to shut the windows in out shooting house today. Found this little guy inside. So I left them open for now.
I am visiting Kentucky before I head over to my first duty station and I want to bag a Kentucky hog, don't know when the next time, I'll get to go again.
I found this hog dead on the road in the New Haven area this morning. I called fish and wildlife and that said they was going to come pick it up to see if it's a wild hog. Hope it's not because it's 1 mile from where I live
My wife found a tick on her today. I don't recall ever seeing one this time of year. On Sunday my granddaughter and I were getting out of the truck to take a 4 wheeler ride & walk on the farm. As we were getting out of the truck she asked me if we needed to
spray on some bug spray and I replied "not this time
of year". Guess I was wrong.
Any hunting club around Lexington looking for new members
How is the best way to stop a weasel from killing My chickens???
Is predator camo worth the money? I know I can get mossy oak or realtree a little cheaper but I like the predator for something different. Guess it's just a personal preference thing.
My buddy and I decided on a spot for a food plot so we had to clear out some timber to get the set up just right. Really excited to get started on this plot as I think it will be a killer plot. Here is a short little video we put together showing the work involved in this one particular plot. :)
Does anyone know of private farms seeking hunter get rid of some of their wild hogs? Henry, Oldham, or Bullit County areas specifically. Thanks!
IMG_5321.JPG Took my lab Fletcher to a North American Shed Hunting Dog Associaion event this past Saturday. It was a qualifier for the world championship in April. It was our first time, we learned a lot but ended up pulling it off!! We qualified with a time of 11.09. Basically they hide 6 antlers in an area and your dog has to find them in 15 minutes or less. Couldn't be happier! Now if the bucks on my farm will let go of their head gear, then maybe we can get on some fresh ones.
Posting once again to see if there is any interest in starting a club? I plan on doing this very soon, as I believe the other state clubs would travel to events here. There were 27 dogs at Saturday's event. Some from as far as Arkansas.
Anyone know if their are wild hogs around Frankfort in franklin KY?
How many of you fellas are going to be attending the Louisville outdoor expo this weekend?
My little buddy sporting our first shed of the season. He was a trooper. First year I have taken him. 6 miles walking according my GPS. Public land early drop. Had been on the ground a while.
2 years ago during rifle season I was able to tag this guy. All year I've been seeing him on my cam, but never had any day time pics. On the evening of the 2nd day of rifle he presented himself. I never knew he had this type of rack, nor have I ever seen this on any deer. What would you call this? What would you name this guy?
What's the earliest some of you have found any morels? With the weather we've been having in western ky, do you think it's to early? Thanks
this is, former member's, True Rifleman .270Win's YouTube channel.

who all is coming to the Convention next month? Come by the Snyper Hunting Products booth 1330 and say hi. We will have some awesome deals on Cellular Trail Cameras and some really great Blinds!
Does anyone know what's going on with this? Way to many changes. Going to 10 zones! What website can I go to review this!
Looking to do an unguided Yukon Moose hunt this fall. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? It's always been a hunt my dad has wanted to do but hasn't. He's been down this year due to a bout with Lymes disease but on the road back. My mom wanted to surprise him with it for his bday and also as a good reason to keep working to get back into shape. So with that in mind, it's probably best that it isn't an absolute killer hunt either. Any suggestions???
I plan on going hog hunting with some friends in Georgia in February. Having never been, I have a quick question about weapons choice. I have a bolt action 30-06 and an AR-15. Which would you guys choose for this hunt?
I've been looking at a winch for my atv. Getting the deer out of the mountains is getting harder and harder lol. I've always had wire cable in the past but I see a lot with the synthetic cable now. Anyone use the synthetic? Pros and cons of it?
has anyone ever used any websites for trading hunts? Would be looking to trade a 140-150 inch whitetail hunt for any other big game (alligator, bear, antelope, mule deer, or elk).
Planning a hunt for this spring or summer. Need referral for a reliable outfitter. Open for any state.
this past spring. Feist ain't stupid.


Kevin and Nicole Lawson just came and picked up their male pup from cracker and tiny. Good luck with him and keep me posted on his progress. Thanks again
Always trying to expand the outdoor activities with family and friends . Like to have a discussion on What breeds , Training , starting with a pup or looking for a finished dog ? We have been hunting the same Private land for 10 years now have stumbled across a few sheds but am sure we are missing many more .

Also are there such things as Shed hunting clubs in Kentucky ?

I know we are a few months away from the deer dropping their Antlers but any help , advice , or opinions would be greatly appreciated

Any breeders trainers you can suggest or some to stay away from ?

My dad recently purchased a Polaris Ranger 500 and he asked for a gun holder for it for Christmas. I have been looking around for one but was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on one?
I just wanted to thank you all for being a friend to my brother Philip Martin Fleek. He loved and respected (most) of you so much. I wish i knew all of your names. I love and miss him every single day! I love you Bubby! Robin Sandra. Aka Bubbys sister
First year really hitting the woods, just wondering what everyone does for cover scent when deer hunting. And if you changed methods along the way have you noticed an increase in deer sightings.
What all deals has everyone found for Black Friday?
Dicks sporting goods has a lot of there scent lok clothing buy one get one free. I'm not much of a believer in the scent lok concept but the full season clothes are the best feeling clothing for mid-late season. Got 2 pairs of pants for $150 ($149 a pair regularly). U can also mix and match and get the whole outfit for $150
Just wondering if anybody has either of these cold weather outfits. These sets are going to be on sale on black Friday and cyber Monday at very good prices. looking for a good late season cold weather set and wondering which set you guys would recommend. Thanks
I don't really see what's funny about rights restrictions...but anyway, that's the title of this article.


15 Laughable Vintage Gun Ads

These vintage gun ads will have you Rolling on the Floor
and show you just how much the world has changed in the past few decades.
A lot has changed in the last century. Looking back at these vintage gun ads is a great way to highlight just how different our society is these days.

Vintage gun ads of the past reminds us of a simpler time, that era is not as complicated as it is now. However, there are some very entertaining ads when you think about the reaction some of these gun ads would get if they were published today.

Read on to see some of the funniest vintage gun ads ever made.

1. Not a Dull Vacation

It’s nothing like having a .22 rifle and a pocketful of shells while on vacation.

2. Fun for the Whole Family

Before there was “Toys R Us” there was “Guns For Us” for Christmas: everybody gets a gun! Look at all those smiling faces!

3. He Knows if You’ve Been Naughty or Nice, The orginal “Bad Santa”

This vintage gun ad showing Santa driving a car full of rifles and shotguns really shows how much attitudes towards guns have changed since the first half of the 20th Century. That being said, I’d be pretty darn happy if he showed up at my house on Christmas like that.

A plate of cookies and a glass of milk in exchange for a rifle or a shotgun?...
New NRA Infographic will improve your shooting

The NRA put together an Infographic to help your shooting Fundamentals
If you are just getting into target shooting and need some help fine tuning your shooting skills. Look no further, the NRA (National Rifle Association) has put together this amazing simple shooting fundamentals infographic that will get you on target.

Handguns vary differently from sizes, feel to weight. With all those variables basic shooting skills itself doesn’t change. This infographic cheat sheet shows you the right way to properly sight align, focus, trigger control, and breath control. This visual will get you on the right track to better your shooting skill.


Source: National Rifle Association
I am looking for clothing suggestions. I wear the UA base layer and a scent lok jacket over that. Saturday morning on stand was a bit chilly but not cold. The problem is my arms get real cold. Almost to the point of shivering. Seems to be just my arms though. A cotton sweatshirt does not cut it.
Any suggestions?
I use a pair of Bushnell binoculars for almost all of my hunting adventures (if you will). The problem I keep running into is that the plastic pieces that connect the binocular to my binocular harness keep breaking. I plan on calling Bushnell on Monday and seeing if they are willing to help me out with a new harness etc because I just ordered a replacement set of plastic pieces. After searching the internet the only type of harnesses I can find are expensive/bulky covers or harnesses that similar to the one I have now. Does anyone have any other suggestions on another type of harness I could look into? Possibly one that loops around the binocular itself?
This guy missed this Deer…Thirteen times
calstaff Leave a comment

This guy can be the next American Sniper, no not likely.
Ok maybe he’s just having a bad day. A very bad day. Maybe he’s experimenting a bent barrel, or using a lighter grain ammo.

Amazingly, the buck barely moves in between misses. The range is unknown, but it must be a long shot. You are also able to see the bullet’s vapor trail on the video.

One would think after several rounds of misses, the hunter would make some adjustments or Kentucky wind it. Goes to show how difficult precision long-range shooting can be, with many factors to account for such as swirling winds and the inconsistencies in ammunition.

That deer has nine lives.
I heard that you can hunt wild hogs in Big South Fork on the Kentucky side after deer season up into Feb. All you need is a small game license and a hog permit. Does anyone know if this is true? I really don't want to explain to DNR why I am rabbit hunting with a 45-70.
Does anyone have any experience with ear plugs that enhances hearing, as well as, protects hearing? I've got some hearing loss in my right ear and a bit of tinnitus. I need to start wearing something while hunting.

Brand suggestions and price range would be helpful. I appreciate it.
looking for somewhere in kentucky to hog hunt. looked into big south fork, don't know if thats where I want to go. Does anyone know of any land owners or farmers that have a hog problem? I'm not really interested in an expensive hunt at some lodge.