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I was reading on one of the other topics and the discussion of the pheasant hunts came up. I have enjoyed the hunt at Green river the last 3 years. I was under the impression that the ones hunting paid for the release. $3 to apply and $25 the day of the hunt $28 for 2 pheasants. Is this also not like the trout stocking $10 for the permit which covers the cost or is there more to it that I am not aware of.
Just thought I would get your opinions pro or con.
I heard a rumor that Fish and Wildlife relocated the Geese at Painsville Lake not long ago. I usually hunt Geese there with my dad. I drove by last friday night going to the in-laws boat and never saw the first one. If anyone has any information I sure would appreciate it.


Ran into this on the web and thought I would share it.
Does anybody see a downside to declaring them vermin,shootable year round?
Was looking for any recommendations on climber deer stands. Which are considered the best, lightest to haul around, ease of set up, one's that don't need tools, etc...Thanks!
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have just launched a new site at

We will be working over the next week to get all the bugs out. After that we will spend more time updating and adding new features to this site.

I want to invite everyone to check out the new site and check out the forums there

Our goal there is to have a nationwide hunting forum. Everything here at will remain the same. We will be needing moderators at the new forum when things pick up, so if we have any volunteers just let me know.

anyone else out there using heated grips on their 4 wheeler[?] ....i spent this hot afternoon looking on the net for some and saw anywhere from $39-$150 range........i would like some advice being that there are times i drive over two miles to get to my stand and which may be a good brand to go with........ez
For me the most memorable thing seen was as follows:

I was walking in large washout going into floyds fork this was deep (probably 10 feet) and wide (at least as wide as deep) so I'm creeping along trying to make my way silently to the creek when I hear somthing above me.

Kind of a snort and ground thumping clump clump. I look straight up and a buck is right over top of me mid air jumping the ravine.
Anybody going to the Elk Festival next weekend? I'm thinking about heading down, never been.... Buddy has some property he's wanting me to see, so we're going to see that and thought we'd catch the festival too. Is it worth going to?
Permanone seems to be the only thing to keep deer ticks off, that works, but, is it safe??[?]
Spray it on your clothes, let it dry, right.
What about when your wearing those clothes and get wet in heavy due or rain?? Doesn't it "rehydrate"? It's been causing a rash on my calves. Has anybody on here questioned the manufacture on this??
Anybody else having a reaction?? Ten years down the road, I don't want anything turning black and fallin' off![:)]
Does anyone know what the phone number to Moultrie is..a friend called this evening to say that in the past few months his camera
takes a few pictures then it rewinds making him think its full but when having the film developed they are blank....
any help will be greatly appreciated...
anyone else had this problem
or anyone else have a cam they would recommend to him

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may be hunting a place to live"
Notebook helps convict poacher

By Gene Mueller

From the Pennsylvania Game Commission in Harrisburg comes word of a recently concluded investigation by wildlife conservation officers that resulted in the arrest of a Burnt Cabins (Fulton County) resident, who was charged and eventually convicted on 90 counts of violating the state Game and Wildlife Code.
The man, obviously an egotist of the first order, documented many of his misdeeds in a spiral notebook. His often detailed entries helped convict him.
Michael Allen Lake, 38, was found guilty of 86 counts of unlawfully taking or possessing wildlife, one count of unlawful acts concerning licenses and one count of failure to tag and report big game kills. District Justice Brenda Knepper in Fort Littleton ordered Lake to pay fines of $27,750 and $420 in laboratory fees. Now his hunting and fur taking privileges could be revoked for 88 years.
In addition, Lake was found guilty of one count of unlawful use of lights while hunting and one count of having a loaded firearm in a vehicle in Huntingdon County. District Justice Mary Jamison in Orbisonia ordered Lake to pay fines of $700 and $1,715 in laboratory fees. On those two counts, Lake's hunting and trapping privileges could be revoked for an additional three years.
Lake came under suspicion when concerned citizens informed the game commission he had illegally killed a large, 10-point trophy-class antlered deer at night Nov. 24, 2002, more than a week before the start of the statewide firearms deer season. At both hearings, the courtrooms were packed, with local residents supporting the commonwealth's case.
When a search warrant was served at Lake's home, additional items were found indicating a long history of illegal wildlife killing. Seized as evidence during the search were 42 sets of deer antlers, several firearms and the spiral notebook that documented out-of-season kills of both deer and...
Took the kids to Salato today. The new living stream exhibit is very nice and interesting as well. The bears have grown a lot since last year and the wildcat now has a girlfriend since I was there last. The bull elk is in velvet and looking good. All in all it's a neat place to spend the afternoon. You need to check it out if you haven't had the chance to yet.

My brother-in-law was mowing our clover today and he killed a copperhead that was 44 inches long. Amazing what a good food plot will grow isn't it.[:D]
Has anyone ever had a tick bite that just does not want to heal? I am sure I did not get the head and there are no symptoms of Lyme (that I know of)... Were talking 6 weeks here.

- Rumors of my sanity are greatly exaggerated...
Does anyone know what stage of the life cycle coyotes are in now? What I mean is have they had their young and, if so, how far along are the pups?

I saw a large coyote on my farm a few weeks ago. He just about got on the tractor with me. I think he wanted one of the ice cold beverages I had in the cooler! I belive he's the same one I've seen several times now.
Kentucky Afield News
From KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources
<<...OLE_Obj...>> July 16, 2003 For more information contact
For immediate release Norm Minch (800) 858-1549


Danville, KY, July 16, 2003 -- A Boyle County man has pled guilty to 212
counts of illegal taxidermy and 32 counts of failure to maintain proper
taxidermy records. Robert Louis Johnson was ordered by Boyle District Court
to pay fines totaling $17,000, make restitution to all persons who had
taxidermy items at his business, or complete the taxidermy items within a
12- month period. The fines will be probated at the request of the Kentucky
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) upon completion of all
terms of probation.
The conviction comes as a result of a two-month long investigation by State
Wildlife and Boating Officers Stephen Isaacs and Rick Muse who charged
Johnson in March 2003. Johnson was found guilty on all charges.
"Johnson had been operating out of a garage on Salt River Road in Boyle
County," said Officer Isaacs. "He came to our attention when several
customers complained that he had accepted wildlife for mounting and had not
completed the work, and then moved without a forwarding address or phone
In a search of the property on Salt River Road, several spoiled whitetail
deer capes and turkeys were discovered in unplugged freezers.
"It was a very disorganized operation and the amount of
wildlife left behind
to spoil was a major concern for us," stated Officer Muse. Johnson was later
located operating out of his garage in Mercer County. Upon an inventory by
the officers, all customers were contacted and a list compiled for Johnson's
probation officer to use as a monitoring tool to insure that all items are
completed or returned as ordered by the court. Johnson will be required to
somwere on these forums was a link to fort knox hunting regulations ect does anyone have it [?]
I've never hunted on public lands, but have seriously been considering this as an option. One advantage is there are some that are close to where I live.

I've been wondering if I ever hunted in a WMA if it's just would be too crowded? I know there are some places like Ft Knox you have to have prior "permission", but in other places, do you just "walk in" without checking in? I guess I've been conditioned to "ask for permission" first. Then what happens if you've scouted out a place for awhile only to find out someone if there on opening day---what's the expectation or the "un-written" rule?

Appreciate any thoughts/experiences. Thanks.
Anyone know who won the rifle rafle at the HFH cookoff
did anyone go to the wild game cook out at field and streams today, it's off of bardstown road. they had some good food there. they had a representative from hoyt and mathews there also. food was good and i learnt more about the new hoyts.

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As some of you know i shoot a Darton Maverick 98 version
i have shot the dickens out of it...and my bus cables started to show some wear so i figured i'd send it in before season to make sure i didnt have a mis-hap mid season ...
NOT only did they return my bow within 5 days when i pulled it out of the box NOT only did they replace my bus cables they put on new limbs and new cams ........AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE
i assure you not many compaines out there would do i hope you'll consider this when making a decision on your next bow

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may be hunting a place to live"
I got my patch today. They look pretty good again this year. Now, if I can just get drawn to hunt them big rascals.
My wife and boys spotted a black panther, two years ago in southern Jessamine County. It was slightly smaller than our black lab and sitting on a gravel road on a seldom used farm around midday. They got a good look when my wife mistook it for our dog and called out. The dog was behind her and the "cat" loped off. It was about 40 yards off and they got a good, unobstructed look.

Last year a sighting was reported near Wilmore, in Jessamine County, and the general assumption seemed to be that someone's exotic pet got away.

I winder if anyone has had, or has heard of a similar experience?

(Just discovered this forum today by the way).
When does one find out if they are 1 of the chosen ones for the elk hunt.
check out these pictures from mo.
The Living Stream exhibit opens at Salato Wildlife Education Center tomorrow. This exhibit is intended to model Elkhorn Creek. It really turned out well. If you have little ones you should take them by there if you get a chance. There's a viewing window under the stream so you can actually see what aquatic life is like from the bottom up.

After a request from the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Toyota donated the funds necessary to make this exhibit possible. Go see it if you get the chance. Admission is free![:)]
Last fall while bowhunting one evening I saw a bobcat walking along the edge of a field. My wife got me a deer cam for Father's Day and on the second roll of film I got this picture.[​IMG][/url]/img]
i sent off for and signed up for the elk patch several months ago and got a letter back stating the patch had been delayed.......anybody gotten a patch that tried to get one[?][?][?][?][:(]......ez
First time on today. Page would not load for me and a few others. Anyone else having problems?
july 25,26,27 at the tn banquet & expo center,1412 hazelwood dr, smyrna, tn.
i got thier little magazine and was flipping through it and guess what i found......

Thought i would say hello to everyone new to the forum <font color="blue"></font id="blue">

Help me please I am a avid hunter and fisherman, I hunt everything and started turking hunting just this year.My problem is for some reason im scared to death of snakes, I have problems enjoying the outdoors in the summer due to this, but the weird thing is ive never had any bad experiences with snakes. Any help would be great.[V]
Yesterday we went to my Mom and Dad's. Dad has some 55 gal. barrels beside his barn. The tops are cut out, and rainwater from the barn roof falls into the barrels. He uses the water to water his fruit trees he set out.

All of the barrels are Full of tadpoles. I've never seen this before. (In a barrel, I mean. I've seen tadpoles before.)

Anyway, a 55 gal. barrel is pretty tall. How did the frog get in to lay the eggs?
i see some of you all talking about being on KET. what's the name of the shows/date/and time? thanx

Saw on the news last night that KDFWR is investigating "Monkey Pox"!
Why is the Ky Fish & Wildlife Resources, spending money from the sale of fishing and hunting license, to investigate "Monkey Pox"??[}:)]
We going to start managing the Louisville Zoo next??[}:)]
What does "The Dept. of Health" do in Kentucky??[?]
How is "runnin' this train"??[V]
i was told that in the upcoming weeks there is going to be a gun and knife show held in or near the paris area....does anyone have any info about this...? also do you know who one should contact if they plan on trying to set up a table/booth??

thank you very much

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may hunting a place to live"
I have came up with a couple of new hunting products that I know would do well. What's the best way to make them become a reality?
This year we put in about 10 acres in new food plots on a small farm (clover, corn and sunflowers), and the neighbor’s cows are starting to get in on us. They already messed up some of our dove field. Right now it is just a couple of cows, but he’s got at least 100 head and in the fall/winter I fear for the cornfield. We’ve talked to him and he is not very helpful and he does not seem to care and is never in a hurry to fix his fence. Basically, the guy doesn’t get along with any of the local farmers.

I’d prefer not to shoot cows or pick a fight cause both lead to a burned barn. Now we could put up a fence, but we should not have to. I remember you guys talking about splitting costs with a neighbor on a fence and that would cost us money we don’t really want to spend but might be a good threat. His cows are fenced with electric now.

Anybody, got any ideas what we can do???
Sky or anybody else, do we have any grounds to legally get something out of this guy or to make him keep his cows behind his fence? I'd figure we could go for losses, but that don't help after the fact.
Can anyone give me some how-to's on starting a hunting club. What are some of the thing you need to do. Does it all need to be on the same land? I would like to start one in my area(daviess, ohio county).

Hunting is life!
Glad I don't live in Illinoise!

FIREARMS -- No one may acquire or possess any firearm or ammunition within the state without having a valid firearms owner's identification card in their possession, according to the State of Illinois.

They are a bordering state. Hopefully none of our lawmakers get a silly idea like this.

I'm about to think it's time to get rid of law makers.

Just a reminder to everyone!!!!!! The J.W.R. Memorial Bowfishing Tournament will be held at Rough River Lake June 14-15.

It goes out of the North Fork Boat Ramp The tourney starts on Sat. 14th at 7:00 AM (CT) and ends at 1 PM (CT)on Sunday 15th.

Registration is on Fri. 6PM -8PM (CT) and Sat. 6 AM-7AM (CT) Registration and Check-in location will be near camp site #90 Beside the North Fork Boat Ramp..(signs posted)

$5 entry per person no limit on # per boat.

There is a cookout Sat. nite a 6 PM at the Pavilion next to the North Fork Boat Ramp.

If you have any questions contact Dan Richeson @ 270-828-8147

Hope to see you there. Mike
usally this time of the year the woods in my area are very thick
but going for a 4 wheeler ride i noticed many tress without leaf's
almost like early spring/fall it is my thought that those bag worms being they are so thick and plentiful this year has ate most trees bares...
i have never seen this before....just thought i would ask to see if anyone else noticed this in your area..

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may hunting a place to live"
Anybody have an idea on the gross weight of a Ford 4600 tractor?

I have not seen anything on it here but, last week a CO. was killed in boone co. He had made a traffic stop the person then took off and he pursued. He was involved in an accident and killed, his name was Officer Doug Bryant who did a lot of work on the Ohio river. Our prayers are with his family.
i heard there is a certain type of acorn tree that drops ealier then the rest. heard it was a black oak tree, is that true? if not what kind is it?

&gt;--&gt; if it's brown it's down&lt;--&lt;
I was just wondering if anyone was gigging any frogs. My buddies and I are heading out this weekend for an all nighter. Do any of you guys have any suggestions on a real good light. I have trouble every year gettng a light that will shoot a solid beam. Just about every light I get has a lil black spot in the middle of the beam. I had Craftsman light once that was like a laser but someone stole it from my truck. I was just wondering.
Can anyone refer me to a hunting club in the ohio, daviess, mclean, muhlenburg county areas(central to western ky)?

Hunting is life!
I am interested in hearing everyone's opinions on disabled hunters and the programs, etc available to them.
does anyone have any exprience with the tasco exp 3x9x42/54 scope? thanks gotopless