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This year we put in about 10 acres in new food plots on a small farm (clover, corn and sunflowers), and the neighbor’s cows are starting to get in on us. They already messed up some of our dove field. Right now it is just a couple of cows, but he’s got at least 100 head and in the fall/winter I fear for the cornfield. We’ve talked to him and he is not very helpful and he does not seem to care and is never in a hurry to fix his fence. Basically, the guy doesn’t get along with any of the local farmers.

I’d prefer not to shoot cows or pick a fight cause both lead to a burned barn. Now we could put up a fence, but we should not have to. I remember you guys talking about splitting costs with a neighbor on a fence and that would cost us money we don’t really want to spend but might be a good threat. His cows are fenced with electric now.

Anybody, got any ideas what we can do???
Sky or anybody else, do we have any grounds to legally get something out of this guy or to make him keep his cows behind his fence? I'd figure we could go for losses, but that don't help after the fact.
Can anyone give me some how-to's on starting a hunting club. What are some of the thing you need to do. Does it all need to be on the same land? I would like to start one in my area(daviess, ohio county).

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Glad I don't live in Illinoise!

FIREARMS -- No one may acquire or possess any firearm or ammunition within the state without having a valid firearms owner's identification card in their possession, according to the State of Illinois.

They are a bordering state. Hopefully none of our lawmakers get a silly idea like this.

I'm about to think it's time to get rid of law makers.

Just a reminder to everyone!!!!!! The J.W.R. Memorial Bowfishing Tournament will be held at Rough River Lake June 14-15.

It goes out of the North Fork Boat Ramp The tourney starts on Sat. 14th at 7:00 AM (CT) and ends at 1 PM (CT)on Sunday 15th.

Registration is on Fri. 6PM -8PM (CT) and Sat. 6 AM-7AM (CT) Registration and Check-in location will be near camp site #90 Beside the North Fork Boat Ramp..(signs posted)

$5 entry per person no limit on # per boat.

There is a cookout Sat. nite a 6 PM at the Pavilion next to the North Fork Boat Ramp.

If you have any questions contact Dan Richeson @ 270-828-8147

Hope to see you there. Mike
usally this time of the year the woods in my area are very thick
but going for a 4 wheeler ride i noticed many tress without leaf's
almost like early spring/fall it is my thought that those bag worms being they are so thick and plentiful this year has ate most trees bares...
i have never seen this before....just thought i would ask to see if anyone else noticed this in your area..

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Anybody have an idea on the gross weight of a Ford 4600 tractor?

I have not seen anything on it here but, last week a CO. was killed in boone co. He had made a traffic stop the person then took off and he pursued. He was involved in an accident and killed, his name was Officer Doug Bryant who did a lot of work on the Ohio river. Our prayers are with his family.
i heard there is a certain type of acorn tree that drops ealier then the rest. heard it was a black oak tree, is that true? if not what kind is it?

>--> if it's brown it's down<--<
I was just wondering if anyone was gigging any frogs. My buddies and I are heading out this weekend for an all nighter. Do any of you guys have any suggestions on a real good light. I have trouble every year gettng a light that will shoot a solid beam. Just about every light I get has a lil black spot in the middle of the beam. I had Craftsman light once that was like a laser but someone stole it from my truck. I was just wondering.
Can anyone refer me to a hunting club in the ohio, daviess, mclean, muhlenburg county areas(central to western ky)?

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I am interested in hearing everyone's opinions on disabled hunters and the programs, etc available to them.
does anyone have any exprience with the tasco exp 3x9x42/54 scope? thanks gotopless
Just a word of caution if you have a 200 gallon Moultrie feeder and you want to replace the plastic funnel with the metal one they sell separately. Tread lightly. You have to replce the spinner base too as leaving the plastic one on allows for too much clearance between the funnel and the spinner. Yes, all your feed will run out basically overnight. The metal spinner that comes with the funnel doesn't seat against the spinning axle tight enough. The result is that the spinner either doesn't spiun at all or "misses". I reconfigured mine yesterday. Threw out the metal funnel and went back to plastic. Hopefully, the varmits will give me a break this time.
It's been a while and thought I'd repost that the folks on this site are trying to raise enough oney to sponsor a school in this worthwhile project. Most of you know about the project and how siccessful it's been. through the Cyberhunter's, were have an account sit up, and if you donate at least $10, you can submit a pick of a school of your choice. 1 pick per $10 donation. <b></b>We need to generate about $1800 to get a school all the needed equipment<b></b>

Thanks, if yoy want to donate, you can mail your donation and school pick to Grouseguy--AKA Mark Rogers

Send your check to: First National Bank of Grayson.

Attn. Mark Rogers PO box 67 Grayson Ky. 41143
I am looking for anyone who knows where a concealed carry class will be taught in southeast ky? would anyone have any clue who gives them or how I can get in to contact with them. Thanks
I live in Owensboro, Daviess County. I am looking for a hunting lease for deer and turkey within reasonable distance. Any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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If anyone doubts my intentions I am a regular poster at these sites,,, and a moderator at This guy has got my dander up.

Check this out.....I thought it was a joke at first.....

Hunters feeling frustrated by the Fund for Animals latest protest of banning hunting in National Wildlife Refuges in Arlington, Virginia? Wow, this is the best news ever! People and their pets are being shot at an alarming rate by hunters every year, many of the shootings have unfortunately proven to be fatal, yet hunters go free and kill again.

Most of the people were "mistaken" for a Deer and/or other innocent Wildlife, by an overzealous hunter. Hunters are influenced by their low moral peer group that harbor much biased discrimination against Animal Rights Activists. Hunters not only victimize and murder innocent people, their pets, livestock, and destroy private property with intent to criminally trespass on posted-private property, hunters steal anything they can find, hunters also destroy public property. Hunters use public roadsigns, power pole transformers, abandoned homes, car batteries(dumped, which releases toxic acid into the soil and environment when shot), mailboxes, and birds for target practice. Microscopic lead "spray" from the trajectory of high powered rifles, pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and assault weapons - enters the lungs through breathing which is then transferred to the bloodstream then stores in the brain and bone marrow of the lower extremities. Children that are "taught to hunt wildlife using guns are susciptible to lead poisoning, decreasing their chances of acquiring a decent job later in life. How does this happen you ask?

For every 10 (micrograms)mcg/dl(deciliter) increase in blood lead levels, there is a lowering of mean[average] I.Q. Intelligence Quotient in children by 4 to 7 points. An average loss of 5 points places 50% more children into the I.Q. 80 category,...
does anyone own a verona shotgun? if so, how do you like it?

&gt;--&gt; if it's brown it's down&lt;--&lt;
How many of you have one of these?
Injured Hunter Sues Bullet Manufacturers...
When a professional big game hunter on safari in Africa shot a charging lion from 30 yards, he expected the cat to die, or at least be stopped. Instead, the lion mauled him.

According to a federal lawsuit filed late last month against two bullet manufacturers, one of which is the Federal Cartridge Company, it was bad bullets that allowed the lion to attack Rolf Rohwer.
His attorney says Rohwer suffered permanent damage to his legs, arm and back. Rohwer says he was trying a new type of ammunition on the day of the attack.

Officials at Federal Cartridge hadn't seen the suit and were unable to comment on it, said Rod Bitz, spokesman for Alliant Techsystems Inc., Federal's parent company. The other company named in the suit is Trophy Bonded Bullets Inc. of Houston, Texas.

if he was such a pro, he wouldve tested and known what the bullets were capable of. either way its a b.s.lawsuit[:(!]

I plan on getting a new hunting machine and I see that Polaris is coming out with a new look for the Sportsman. Restyled grill, beefed up front and back racks, new instrument pod and flared fenders. Has anyone seen one yet?
In the mail today I got a catalog loaded with unique gifts and such for us hunters & outdooor enthusiast! Some of it, a touch on the corny side. Alot of nice picture frames, photo albums, artwork, t-shirts & more. I'm not sure if the website I'll provide has everything the catalog has (might even have more) Check it out when you gotta minute and Tell the Wife or Husband, Remember both Mothers day & Fathers day are close!!

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Hi, first of all my name is Jim. I am moving to E-town in August. I am a co-op shooter for Matthews, also shoot for Bo-doodle, Bulls-eye, AAE, and Fletcher Archery. Where is a good club to join in the E-town area, and are there a lot of shoots in KY. Thanks and good hunting.
A discussion has came up and I'm not for sure that I know the answer. The question being " is it illegal to sell, say a snapping turtle to someone for human consumption?". Or what about trading something of value for it _besides money?
we are so greatful to be living in the USA..
and the great state of Kentucky, is blessed in many ways
from wildlife to horses to great people....

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may hunting a place to live"
If you would like to read the stories of poachers getting caught here in Kentucky, then here's your chance.

There's a new magazine put out by the Kentucky Wildlife and Boating Officers. In it, you can read the stories as told by the officers themselves.

So if you would like to hear about the deer and turkey poachers and other law violators who didn't get away with it, while staying informed of KY's hunting, fishing, and boating laws, then call the number below to support your local officers and receive your copy of the magazine.

The officer's association is using some magazine proceeds to send needy kids to Conservation Camp while supporting other handicap children's organizations also.

The magazine is funded through advertisements. Businesses or individuals may take out an ad in order to receive a copy of this magazine.

To get your copy, call the Kentucky Conservation Officer’s Association office at

For more information, contact the magazine editor at -

Editor / Officer Jeff Finn
P. O. Box 360
Lewisburg, KY 42256


what would be the best beginners deer rifle for a woman my wife is just getting in to hunting.
hey guys I moved to louisville about a year ago and haven't met anyone that hunts yet .My wife wanted to move here after college to be with her family and no one in her family hunts but they do have a farm to hunt on so if anyone wants to do any turkey hunting this spring ,fishing ,or drink some beer one night you can e-mail me at
I have the opportunity to lease some land in Elliot Co. Anybody have any opinions on the county? My son and I sae a few deer there while looking at the place.
when does quail hunting start in barren co. this year.
Anybody found or been out lookin' for morrels yet??
Hi everyone. I am from Australia where Hog Hunting is very popular nation wide. I am in the process of developing a web site dedicated to hunting hogs in Australia. I am just letting people know its out there. There is not much on there at the moment, a few photos and products and links to outfitters, but you might want to have a quick look anyway. I am also looking for people who might have some stories that they would like to place in the articles section. It does not worry me if you are australian or international. If you check back in a month or two I should have some short video clips you can download. The address is
I am working on saving enough money for a DC 100 Non-Typical Deer Cam[​IMG]and I was wondering what all yall might know about these cameras. I heard the $100 cheaper Moultrie ones were junk, so I bumped up to set my sights on this one. Little help here please [:D]...

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Green River Area
Starting to pick up, nothing to drive an hour for yet. Catching small males. One week from now it will turn on. Wait for the Dogwoods to bloom out. Will keep you all posted.
has anyone ever used the acu-sight laser bore sighter just wanted to get some opinions on it.<font face="Arial Black"></font id="Arial Black"><font color="blue"></font id="blue"><font size="1"></font id="size1">
Me and a Buddy are gonna make the drive from Paducah to check it out & support our sponsor[:D] Quick question though, Do they have the same sales in the store I see advertised on here? They've gotta whooper deal on a ladder stand, and I wanna get a few more of them for our property.


"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

Fred Bear
your licence choice has gotten better.................... year all prices will go up for the gimme this year................ez
Is it time Kentucky started licensing 4-wheelers??
Some states, i.e. , Michigan have a Off Roads Vehicle License.
Wouldn't have to cost much. Would require license number to be displayed for easy inspection.
It would be a good way to "slow down" 4-wheelers trespassing and tearing up property.
It's a whole lot easier to write down the license number verses chasing them down.
"I'm gettin' to old for this".[:I]
Wondering if anyone in here would be interested in starting a friendly turkey contest, either with teams or individual to see who can end up with the biggest turkey this spring.

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Are all of Kentucky's elk in the South Eastern part of the state or are there any up in the North Eastern part? Thanks.

this morning as i sat at an establishment where they repair your auto i ran across an article that dicussed the fair chase of these animals.
it stated that now in the state of tenn. that it was illegal to kill and persue these animals with this defect or disability as they so put it...........the indians never killed these animals and considered them as "special" and let them go feeling that if you killed them you would do the "great spirit" a great dishonor.....i have seen a few pictures lately and some comments on how and why how great it would be to kill one of these animals.........a piebald is 1 in 30,000 chance of happening and it did not state the chances of albino.............COMMENTS?????????..........ez
the couple that leases our farm has been great lease's but i think he has bought his own mini farm and will start hunting upon his own land
...not mentioning the price he paid in todays world
what would you ask as far as $$ for a farm that is 250 acres a DEER HUNTING LEASE ONLY (squirrel,coon coyote) all included $
places to camp if desired
most farms that border it is managed for QDM
and has put out Boone & Crockett Bucks
farm is in a zone 1 county (carroll)
perfer 2 hunters becuz in gun season brother also hunts

"A wise indian once said,the more you move the less you will see,the less you move the more you will see"

" I live to hunt, but my wife says i may hunting a place to live"
Check out these mule deer and elk pictures I took this winter let me know what you think of them
Don't forget 2003 Hunting and Fishing license required starting tomorrow , 3//01/03.[:)]
Have any of you ever hunted with SILVER SPRINGS OUTFITTERS in Hopkisville Kentucky?What kind of buck can you expect to kill?
[:(!]Working Assets Long Distance Company Donating Portion Of Profits To Animal-Rights
According to a recent press release from Working Assets Long Distance, the company will donate $10 in the name of all new subscribers, to its new Animals Fund--a partnership between the company and several animal-rights organizations "committed to saving animals."

In addition, the company says it will donate 1 percent of a new user's monthly charges to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and several other national animal-rights organizations.

To read the press release, visit

if i bought a shotgun from somebody out of state,how do i go about gettin it shipped to me

Is there any maps or anything online that will tell who owns a certain parcel of land? I have the land on areal and topo but just need to know who owns it. Is there anything out there where you can get this?
[:(!] It's time for the rain to stop.......
This weather, and the wet (really wet) conditions it's
causing are prohibiting my outdoor related activities.

How high are they callng for the rivers to get? I've got a few freinds
w/ Farms close to rivers, and there all talking about being flooded, maybe past Turkey season??????

"It makes no difference whether I got anything; it has to do with how the day was spent"

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