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Flipping thru channels a couple days ago I ran across a couple doing a Elk hunt out west. Gal is up first and has a mature 5x6 bull at 320 yards across a valley. Put a shot right behind the shoulder for a double lung hit and guide says hit him again. No need to as Elk started to stumble and go down. Before she could even rack in another round it was down for the count. What amaze me was she was shooting a 25-06 with a 110 grain bullet. Even at that range it still had enough going for it to take down a large animal such as that Elk. I know the 25-06 will jerk the rug out from under a normal size whitetail but never gave it thought on bigger game animals. 25 caliber is just not that big a hunk of lead to send downrange on a Large Bull Elk IMO. I guess the old saying Speed Kill's holds true in this case.
Ive been in a regular cab GMC 4wd for about 10.5 years now. It was a good truck .. not much room or bells & whistles. But it served the purpose of a dependable ride and got me through those years of also buying my daughter a vehicle, college... and finally getting her married off last year.
Alright, so the little lady and my other two little ladies tried yaking and loved it. So, I'm on the hook to buy at least 3.
Again, skip the pricey crap.
its getting closer to that time and I enjoy seeing everyone’s progress on their fields and learning different ways to do it.
Saw this on da news. Anyone know the real deal on this. Looks like a big ole pet Tom cat to me.

Fish And Wildlife Investigating Potential Mountain Lion Sighting
Caught a few gills
On the one year anniversary of our 35lbs fish last Derby weekend we struck again. This year we caught this 40lb, 38inch beast on a noodle at rough river.
What's the earliest fawn y'all have seen? Found one Sunday in Cumberland county while cutting wood.

How many youuns have experienced this? I grew up scalding and scraping and cooking the liver on the fire on site. Good times!!
Spotted these guys just coming up. Things are behind this year; they were twice this size last year at the same time.

Who else likes breakfast for supper.
Laying in the road in front of my driveway. Kids enjoyed seeing him.
Anyone else been seeing Lightning bugs while out turkey hunting? My buddy hunted my place in Grayson County back around the 25th or 26th of April. He told me that he had seen lightning bugs on the ground and flying in the trees. I told him it was probably his meds and he was seeing stars from being light headed. Then I went down to my place really early yesterday and I will be danged if there weren't lightning bugs all over the woods well before light. Anyone else been seeing them? I never really paid much attention but don't recall ever having seen them before early summer.

Come out to support your public lands and get involved with a great organization.

See you there.
Anyone know of a reliable source of hunting leases? I have checked a few websites but they seem to be very limited in availability. Just wondering
Does a person have to have a Ky Hunting license to shoot on a Gun Range?
Steve Rinella and the rest of the meateater crew are doing a live podcast at several venues around the country including Columbus, Ohio on June 21st. The tickets are going fast if you are interested. The VIP tickets are already gone. Here is a link

If you are from NKY and want to carpool, let me know.
I notice in Kentucky a great deal of bowfishing is happening from county road bridges...Discharging a bow upon a public roadway is undoubtedly illegal, plus there are dead fish being left to rot on the bridge decks, and the bowfishermens cars are partially blocking the road....A total black eye for the tradition of bowfishing IMO, plus it's defacto hunting and or bowfishing on the lands of others without permission....What do you think?
23 lbs / 11” beard and 1” spurs. Being there beside him was one of the best moments in my 40+ years of hunting.

I stopped at a YUGE yard sale yesterday morning to look around. I managed to poke around the mountains of clothes, and dishes to find the tool section tucked back under a tree.
This morning me and dad was set up well before daylight. We heard more birds around us this morning than anywhere else this year and several gobbled almost all morning.
From what I have heard, it is illegal to pick mushrooms, ginseng etc in LBL...

This seems like a travesty! I could understand some sort of management plan and even a "hunting" lic requirement but a total ban is downright un American!

What are your thoughts?
A bunch of us are trying to put together a Kentucky chapter of the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. Our first event will be a pint night in Lexington on May 21. Entry is free, drinks are on you. Hope you all can make it!
Killed a Gobbler this year 4 spurs two jake type and 2 long spurs is this pretty common?
I don't know what else to do but beg. I know one other guy and his only intrest is fishing and drinking. I've lived in South Lexington for 12 years. I have an intrest in it all I just dont drive or know anyone that wants to do something. I lived in eastern ky in the past and knew others but not anymore. I'm 37 have some mild epilepsy problems.
I hope all the hunting & fishing industry drops Yeti! Sportsman made them what they are today. I hope they can make it off the gun hating, vegetarian, liberals; most of em don't need nothing but a baggie to keep their "herbs" in.
Took the kids out for a walk and found some leek.


I saw this thread on another forum and it was awesome. I really look forward to seeing all the retriever pictures, whether while training or in the field. So I thought it would be neat to keep a running thread of dog pictures. So post them up, new or old.
Got up this morning at 3:00.
Bound and determined to make my way up to a huge high knob I found a couple to three weeks ago.
After a lot of huffing and puffing I make my way to where I thought I wanted to be.
Was reading an article online from a news source in NKY and came across this passage. Can anyone clarify what this will actually mean? Typically as it states the 3 counties in NKY don't seem to garner a lot of attention in this realm. As a transplant to Kenton county from Ohio any information would be helpful. Thanks in advance and happy hunting.
I have been hobbled by a pretty nasty umbilical hernia surgery this spring, so I can't get out and check the early wildflowers like I love to, so I was pleased to see some of the wild plants I transferred to my "wildflower garden." So far I have bloodroot, trillium, & twinleaf.

My grandson Weston got this one this snowy morning. Don't know what it weighed had a 9in. beard 3/4 in. spurs. There were 3 of them that ran in to the decoys.We heard 2 gobbles all morning.

im tore up. carley just smoked her first gobbler at 6 steps. i worked him for 30 minutes and we are ecstatic!!!! pics shortly.
This is my sons turkey he killed during youth season. 21 1/2 pounds 1 1/4 spurs 11,9,8 inch beards
From my understanding all land for lease posts are supposed to go in the classified section. Did a general search to see what was out there and only 3 total posts came up. Id have to imagine theres quite a few out there throughout the state. Does this forum regulate on whats posted or how does that work? I have a private farm in NEKY, but would like to find some land to lease in the same area.
If you have not yet made the journey to hunt the Leaf River or George River caribou herds of Northern Quebec, the opportunity may not ever come again.

Dateline December 14, 2017
"Starting the first of next year, the sport hunting of migratory caribou will be indefinitely suspended in Quebec and Labrador. This measure was announced by Quebec’s minister of forests, who cited “sustainability of the species” as the reason for the hunt closure."
obsured faceHPIM0531.jpg

Rob Rock & Hunting Partner above the tree line in Quebec, South of the Arctic Circle in 2006.

A search of recent news articles will tell the story and likely predict the future of caribou hunting within these once great herds. Hint: Pressure from 'sport hunting' has little or anything to do with populations of caribou in these herds. Indigenous hunting by the Inuit will likely remain unaffected and the net long term effect of sustenance hunting has little to do with the decline of these herds according to most published research.

This same fate could easily befall Kentucky Elk hunting as we know it. In fact, it already has according to some of the reports I'm getting from Knott County.
A Turkish Mauser in 7mm caliber had seen better days. A cutoff barrel and ugly plastic stock made the $150 price tag seem a little high. Negotiations ensued and the project began.
well during youth season I’ll have my daughter with me and we will be confined to a blind for the most part. What type decoy spread do yal like in the early season? Strutting Tom and hens or what? I hate blind huntin therefore don’t know much about it.
Does anyone know who is the officers of the league of Kentucky sportsman. And there where abouts. Cant find them on the internet. Wonder Why. ???
The older boy has already taken his first (and second) deer while ' little lefty' is still practicing his form and marksmanship. The archaic 38 short Colt cartridge is utilized for practice sessions by both boys. Handloaded to low velocity with 105 gr. cast lead bullets, cost per shot is comparable with quality .22 rimfire ammunition.
posted 38 short.JPG
The donor rifle came from the local gun store as a 1917 Spanish Mauser action, rusted barrel and cracked stock. A new unchambered 357 mag barrel was fitted to the old Mauser action and the 357 mag. chamber was then cut a little deep. The used sporter aftermarket small ring stock was cut off very short and the whole assembly camo painted. The Mauser action was drilled and tapped for the used fixed power short scope.

The 38 short Colt cartridges are mild enough in this rifle that no hearing protection is needed by the shooter but it is a good habit to develop for the times that more potent 357 mag cartridges are used for hunting.
sC vs 357.JPG

For comparison, the 38 short Colt components are photographed next to the 357 mag hunting round. Very little powder is utilized in our 38 short Colt 'practice' round, an empty 22 LR case is used as a powder measure . Cast bullets cost about less than a nickel when I bought them. Inexpensive, but I have noticed the boys can shoot them in their little single shot rifle a lot faster than I can handload them.
brass 38 sc.JPG

I use this rifle myself for patrol of the vegetable garden due to its accuracy and low report. Initially, brass is pretty expensive but can easily last a lifetime at the low loading pressures the boys use.
Like a new Reconyx in July and one of the year end big prizes.. Save and enter your good ones at the Trophy Rock website.
Walked outside a few minutes ago and a gobbler was over about 200 yards in the woods gobbling his brains out.
A guy on another forum I frequent says he checks the zero on his shotgun before every season. I used to do that for years but haven't for the last few years, because it never has changed. At $5 or $6 bucks a shot I quit, just curious do you all check yours?
I've hunted in the thick stuff in Kentucky since 1973, with shots usually under 150 yards and where most are under 75. These are a few things I've picked up....

1 .If you are a pasty faced white boy like me, cover your face with something dull or it shines like a beacon in the will get busted....this means even when wearing hunter's orange..

2. A very sharp ugly 4 inch knife is better than a very fancy, but dull. knife of any length.

3. A quick second shot can save your season....That's why I like lever guns, pumps, or autoloaders for thick woods where shots are fleeting.

4. Camo doesn't have to be expensive or trendy to work....I use a mix of Army surplus, commercial, and cheap generic
woodland....Deer don't care if it's not on TV.

5. Don't go in the woods unless you have checked your rifle's zero, even if it was OK last season.....and even iron sights.

6. Shoot enough to get confident with your rifle...........there's no substitute for practice.

Below are some real life deer hunting tactics I've found that work for me....

1. Act like you are getting ready to eat a seems that every time I get discouraged and decide to eat something, a buck will walk right where I was looking before I laid my rifle down and started digging in my pack.

2. Lay you rifle down at least two arms length away from you to attract deer.......see former tip.

3. Walk out of the woods shuffling your feet with an unloaded rifle slung over your back and act despondent.......deer love this and will walk right in front of you....sometimes within sight of your truck or camp.

4, Clang your rifle on the side of the tree stand to see how fast that buck is you didn't hear just on the other side of that darn thicket.

5. Go ahead and scratch your ain't going to shoot worth a crap if your nose is itching anyway. It's also another good way to initiate the previous scenario.......that darn thicket..............

Hope these help......
I took the kids out on Monday, which turned out to be the only nice day! I tried to teach the two youngest how to gather fire-building materials, and then we all went around identifying early spring plants. I believe early exposure to the outdoors is critical to getting kids interested in nature.

I was re-learning the video editor, so there is an annoying typo and double credits, but if you are trying to forget the snow it's a good watch!

Is a dog that one year old to old to train to shed hunt?
Here is a very well written article on how hunter numbers are declining and the impact that is having on wildlife funding. This affects license price increases, and demonstrates one of the problems with reduced prices for senior citizen licenses. Hunter numbers are declining and the population of remaining hunters gets older each year, which means more people getting the senior discount and state wildlife agencies having less money for everything. Its not just a KY thing. Its nationwide.
I've been watching this flock for a couple weeks. 10 hens and one gobbler. Well this morning he had an intruder come to investigate the party.

first attempt at camouflaging. My dads wing master. Put a several matte clear coats over it