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I recently was lucky enough to be drawn for tags through the lottery for Sandhill Cranes this year. I've never hunted them before and was looking for tips on these guys, as well as any information where I can begin looking for WMA's or land to hunt. Any and all information is welcome. Thanks in advance!
Well when your 75yr old mother n law tells u she drew a Ky elk tag An she lives n Indiana u don’t even know what to say other than WOW! Congrats and kill a biggin! Well she did!
ive got noaa weather radar but it’s raining right now but app shows it’s done past it’s not a hard rain but it’s enough I’m not going yet. Now if it’s spring turkey I will don’t care but any other time I’m not. Been several times this app has screwed me up. Lol What app do some of y’all have? Soon has it breaks I’m hittin the woods coyote huntin.
And I am reminded of something I had to do to bowhunt in NH.. You had to put your name , Addy and number on your arrows for whatever reason
Stole this off facebook. Thought you guys might like it
Got this 9 pointer about 6pm this evening. Ran cameras here year round and this is the first time I have laid eyes on him.
Figured I’d post here in this forum as it covers a broad range of hunting.

Which I’ve been thinking hard about purchasing a good quality portable ground blind. Probably won’t bite the bullet on the purchase till after Christmas... unless I find a really good deal.

My specific wants... hub style, good quality material & camo that’s wont fade out too quickly, fairly waterproof, room for 2, enough ceiling height to shoot a bow with adequate window height as well... but not necessarily needing surround view types.

It’s not anything I’m going to leave out for months, maybe only a few days or maybe a week. Weight not too big a deal, probably throw on atv to transport most times. Probably be used for turkey hunting but may see use with deer on occasion. Price range ... up to $500.

Most things I’ve read point toward a Double Bull but heard good things on the Rhino blinds as well.

Just wondering if anyone has opinions on those or others that i may be overlooking. Open to any suggestions... including the good or bad.

Everyone is invited to come out and meet with old and new friends and get to know a great organization dedicated to our public lands and waters.
Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is just starting our Kentucky chapter and we are interested in hearing about the importance of your public lands and waters to you.

Hope you can make it.
Did anyone else see a monster Kentucky bull that was taken in the last couple days? I saw it last night on Facebook and it is huge. The hunter was guided by Lost Mountain outfitters.
This big 11 pt was taken by one of my good friends son,Jordan.
Guess I’ll put this in general hunting since that’s what I use it for. I rolled my ATV on its side about 3 weeks ago. No biggie. Some oil leaked out, not much at all. I checked it cold and all of my fluids look good. However, on Wednesday road it on a property we got access to and about the time I got it back to my trailer it said Engine Hot. I’m not a guru and don’t feel like giving up the big bucks to have it checked. I basically paid an arm and leg and had it overhauled in Fall of 15 so can’t be much wrong with it. Any idea what I should check? Would simple burn off on the engine cause this? I did run it in AWD Hi/Lo more than I usually do. It was pretty muddy.
I could have one today , planted a new food plot last night and about 60 doves just landed in it. Might need to drag it again or I'm not gonna have any seed left.. lol
Hunter fighting for life after bear he shot lands on him
Animal tumbled down slope after being shot by US army soldier in Alaska

A coastal brown bear walks along the banks of the Chilkoot River near Haines, Alaska ( REUTERS )
A hunter is fighting for life after a bear he shot tumbled down a slope and landed on him.

Alaska state police said William McCormick, 28, was also struck by a rock dislodged by the bear as it fell on Saturday afternoon.

He was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Anchorage, where he was in a critical condition.

Watch more
Mr McCormick and his hunting partner, 19-year-old Zachary Tennyson, are both US army soldiers stationed at Alaska’s Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

Mr Tennyson was not hurt and alerted authorities by sending a distress signal.

Police did not say what kind of bear was shot, how far how it fell, or whether it died.

Alaska is home to several species of bear, including an estimated 30,000 brown bears and 100,000 smaller black bears.

Nearly 1,500 brown bears are hunted each year in the state.
Wrong forum - meant to put it in the Waterfowl Forum
I have a knife that means the world to me. I would like a nice sheath maded for it. I know what the knife is worth means nothing to me. Is there anyone who works leather to make a custom sheath. Pm me please it means the world to me.

This guy got ran over last night, I suppose in the driving rainstorm that overflowed my rain gauge. We used to have Beaver around here about 15 years ago but my neighbor didn't like them and had them all trapped out. I had not seen any evidence chewed up trees or dams.
He was a big one; at least 25 or 30 pounds.
A reorganizational meeting for the 2nd district of the League of Kentucky Sportsmen has been scheduled for Saturday October 6, 10 am CST, at the Daviess County Fish and Game Club. The 2nd district has been inactive for a few years due to lack of officers. Nomination and election of officers is planned.
My wife bought me a blind and I have yet to hunt with it. The only hunting I have done from a blind was coyote, and that was on someone else's set up. I am hoping to use it for deer, turkey, and possibly bear.

If I hunt on public land, can I just go our pre-dawn and set up my blind and wait? Do animals have to get used to it?

Can I just plop it on a ridge and hunt, or do you have to camo them in? Do I have to worry about scent and wind as much?

Any help about getting started with a blind would be great. At this point, all I know how to do is put it up.

What is the most out of place critter you have ever ran across. Mine would have to be a Wolf in the LP of Michigan near the town of Gladwin.
I live in eastern ky been in the woods all my life in ever hollor soon will be 47 years old never seen a rattle snake untill yesterday.
I had been getting pictures of this deer for the last few months and Connor had his eye on him. He has hunted every chance that he could since bow season came in.
Has anyone ever used one . What's your thoughts
any word on dried seng prices in anybody's area? Starting out $500 here in mine; up $100 from last yrs start. Been too hot and muggy for diggers imo. It has for me anyway.
Would love to learn about taxidermy and find a school . I live in eastern ky . Does anyone know who has a school or teach
Monster Simpson County Buck
Well, basically the story starts with a case of mistaken identity. I started getting his pics about 2 weeks before the season and almost immediately recognized the shape of his rack as a deer I had pics of for 3 years prior.
So we have our baits set and ready to go. We’re both mobile hunters and shoot recurve and longbows. I’m thinking of sitting on the ground by one of the baits vs setup in a tree. The group spot is about 15’ away from the barrels vs the closest suitable tree is 20 yards approx. Any thoughts or opinions on ground vs tree stands?
Welrod Silent Pistol

What is this Welrod Silent Pistol?
The Welrod is a British bolt action, magazine fed, suppressed pistol devised during World War II.
If you’re a World War II historian or a collector, you should have a look at this pistol.

It was used primarily by the British SOE but was also used by the American OSS and Resistance forces.
This was a typical firearm of that period for espionage.
For that reason the Welrod is still well known even today.
Even though not in production there are limited ownership thats controlled by the ATF.
Yes, for the collector you can own this firearm with a suppressor.

Welrod’s History
The Welrod was a “sanitised” weapon, meaning that it had no markings indicating its manufacturer or country of origin; it was only marked with a serial number and some inscrutable symbols and letters. The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA) confirmed that they manufactured some Welrod pistols, but that they put no markings at all on them, so it is likely that any markings were added by the British military after delivery.
The Welrod was used in Denmark during World War II, and is reported to have been used during the 1982 Falklands War, throughout The Troubles in Northern Ireland and during operation Desert Storm by British Special Forces. Welrod guns were also found in weapons caches from Operation Gladio.
The Welrod is a suppressed bolt action pistol that was developed by the British Secret Intelligence Service (SOE back then) around the middle of the Second World War.
It’s the archetypical firearm of that period of espionage.
Have I piqued your interest? Good!...
I’ve got pics of this joker along with his running mate the Wide 10 since May. I’ve worked my tail off running cameras and mineral trying to pin point this joker. And it paid off.
Decided yesterday that we were going to dove hunt this morning. My oldest daughter always wants to go with me no matter when I go. My buddy said his son was going and wanted me to ask my boy to go.
pics an outfitter friend sent me. these are public land gators in the Okeechobee area, can't use firearms on public land hunts. my son shot a gator with these guys last year on private land using a rifle.
The Quota season runs from October 20th to November 2nd this year. I’m looking for a landowner that is willing to give written permission that lives in zone 1,2, or 3. I have heard a lot of people talking about problem bears this year. If you would like some harvested from your property please message me so we can work something out. Thank you
565D61E7-8228-4EB8-A4DF-D884B8A1BF47.jpeg 565D61E7-8228-4EB8-A4DF-D884B8A1BF47.jpeg 88D1793F-5B08-4B44-AD2E-4DF53E7A4BDF.jpeg D88314AC-4871-4DD4-85BA-D6EAFD188A53.jpeg EF9DC386-AF8D-4A60-A86C-CE46CE0F2DE3.jpeg 565D61E7-8228-4EB8-A4DF-D884B8A1BF47.jpeg 565D61E7-8228-4EB8-A4DF-D884B8A1BF47.jpeg 88D1793F-5B08-4B44-AD2E-4DF53E7A4BDF.jpeg D88314AC-4871-4DD4-85BA-D6EAFD188A53.jpeg EF9DC386-AF8D-4A60-A86C-CE46CE0F2DE3.jpeg 565D61E7-8228-4EB8-A4DF-D884B8A1BF47.jpeg Got off the boat late Wednesday afternoon, went to Houma La, had a class Thursday, then went on to Abita Springs and met up with the guys I was going gator hunting with Friday. About 10:30 my partner from North Alabam cane rolling in, wecaught a quick nap got up and headed out, hooked up the boat and found out this guy has 7k acres of marsh leased on Lake Ponchatrain. I put Zach up first, got to the first bait, the bait was gone but the hook was up, no gator. Pulled up to the second one, line was down, told Z to get on it. He grabbed a hold of that line and that gator was pissed, it looked like something you’d see on Swamp People. He was fighting that gator, it’d come up thrash around throw water every where, finally got it up to the boat after prolly 10-15 mins of fighting with it, double tap to the head with a .22mag and game over.
That put me up next, pulled up on the next bait, everything is still there, run to the next bait, we pull up in this little slough, a gator slides off the bank in to the water, pops up and I shoot him as he’s swimming away, he dives, pops right back up, I shoot him again. He goes to rolling so we are thinking he goes down and we all think he’s dead. Break out the big snatch hook, start trying to snag him. On about my 10th time I feel him when the hook touched him. I reared back on it got the hook set and he came alive. I fought him all over the place. Finally got him up to the boat turns out I had hooked him a still very alive gator in the back foot. Finally got him wore out, got him boatside. Double tap to the head and it’s over and tat wrapped up our gator huntin.
It was an experience I’ll never forget.
My gator was skinny and 7’11”. Zach’s was fatter and 8’.
Greetings all. I'm looking for a Safari Club Official Scorer in Kentucky. I live near Shelbyville. I have a Bison mount I'd like scored. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have looked and looked and read more reviews about trail cams than I can stand and still don't really trust the online reviews much. Like any other product, a lot of the "review" websites are populated by industry product managers writing reviews that push their product and try to negate the real negative reviews by flooding the site with better reviews. So, my question to you guys is this- what real world, honest experience do you have with trail cams for under $100? Which would you recommend or avoid? I am buying three cameras, yes it kinda late in the year but gotta start sometime right. I don't care about video, just clear pictures, black and white, color, no matter. I have 16gb SD cards already. The two I have are older stealthcam models from 2007 and they stopped working this year.
Any hep would be appreciated.
ive got the Covert Blackhawk cell cam and seriously loving it. Only problem is it eats batteries like it’s goibg out of style. I’ve found the solar panel charger. Yep questions I have is how does it hookyo the camera and the batteries. Can I use any rechargeable AA batteries or does it have to be the Covert batteries.
Monroe County Sheriff: 3 Horses, 2 Dogs Killed, Possibly By ‘A Large Animal’
This last paragraph was edited off the end somehow. So I added it below.

"I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s big and I know it’s deadly and if it can do that to those horses, it could do a lot to a child or a grown man,” said Sheriff Dale Ford.

Any locals on here know anything about this?
I been looking through the regulations on deer harvest. I know we get unlimited does with bonus tags but how many you get when purchasing licence. Where I bought my licence I asked them and they didn't know.
Think I'll give bear hunting a try this year
Deer Camp is open, got everything unloaded. Fridge is full, it’s about 81-82 degrees, got a nice breeze off the creek. I’m happier then a hog in slop!!!
This has been in the news for for past couple days. It just make me laugh at how rediculous peta has become. With all the drugs, hunger, death and general need going on, they wanna waste money on lobsters. Put that money to good use.

PETA Wants Roadside Memorial For Lobsters Killed In Crash
Looking for a processor near Burkesville or south of there. Any recommendations? Thanks
Heard there was a shake up in members. Anyone have details?
i was just wondering if anyone had been archery elk hunting out west with a guide service and if so any recommendations on a good one?
Fifteen years ago, I was working at the solder factory. There was a smell of a buyout in the air, and all my big projects had been canceled. I was bored. I'd been spending a lot of time here, having just joined the month before. I had been investigating starting my own weblog. I'd been doing a lot of writing. I had a current project, a monograph on Genesis 9 and its relation to Christianity.

I used to go driving at lunch. I'd take the truck up to Lebanon and take the long way along Turtle Creek. It's got a lot of old farms, and I would frequently see deer. This was one such day. I had a lot on my mind. My gut told me I needed to get my resume out, but changing jobs was the last thing I needed at that point.

For reasons too convoluted to mention, I was thinking as well about Jesus Christ. Specifically, I was thinking about how a fellow such as He would ever get the idea in his head to start His ministry. Here was a guy who had reached Thirty without making any big waves in life, and suddenly BANG! He's the Saviour. What was that like?

It then dawned on me that in asking that question in a sincere manner, I had started a ministry of my own. It hit me hard enough that I stopped the truck. Life would no longer be the same. There was no going back.

It took me a good long while to get the truck going again. This was the heaviest thought I'd had as an adult. Fifteen years later, it still resonates with me.

I grabbed lunch in Lebanon and drove back to work still pondering. By the time I got to the lot, I had decided that what I needed to do was look about me. If the Lord wanted me to do His work, He would have left enough signs around me for me to figure out what he wanted.

The results of this search were less than amazing, but then I guess God works like that sometimes. I came back to work and found my unfinished monograph on Genesis 9, on another screen were the instructions for starting a weblog. Another screen had an email from my boss telling me to hold...
Hello everyone. Just curious if there is any dove hunting outfitters in Central Kentucky 60 miles from Bardstown or so. Definitely willing to pay$.
Just read this and thought I'd share:

“after a long and fatiguing march, over a mountainous and pathless wilderness, arrived on the Red River. Here, from the top of an eminence, Boone and his companions first beheld a distant view of the beautiful lands of Kentucky. The plains and forests abounded with wild beasts of every kind; deer and elk were common; the buffalo were seen in herds and the plains covered with the richest verdure . . . this newly discovered Paradise of the West.” ---Henry Howe, describing Daniel Boone arriving in Kentucky